The Power of a Text from a Superhero

(The sequel to “The Superhero is Gone.”)

OG: If I stopped by Korea on the way back to the USA, would you be jealous and mad or think it’s cool?

X23: Hey. Sorry I’ve been off the grid. I think it would be amazing if you went to Korea. Hope everything is well.

OG: Oh my fucking God, Princess. The gaping galactic black hole in my soul has been filled. You have answered me. I am now complete. I have reached Nirvana. Your words have slung me to heaven with the power of a thousand gods. Are you doing okay? Tell me that much at least before disappearing yet again to leave me to wither alone as a shriveled soul doomed to wander hopeless through the abyss of this world without the sparkles of joy that dance from your tongue. You partner. You Amazon. Give some words to this hungry old traveler to slake my interminable thirst for knowledge of your life. Of course you won’t. It’s the Lillith within you. I’m well acquainted with it. But just remember my words of honor, respect, and unquenchable love. Okay I was choosing between Bangkok and Seoul. I was choosing between “bang cock” and “soul.” Choosing between sexual and spiritual. Between heavenly and carnal. I will go to Seoul at your recommendation.

X23: I’m not doing great. Lots of stress going on. But I’ll be okay like always.

OG: Although, and I don’t want to make you uncomfortable, young lady, but between the right people and in the right way, the sexual can be spiritual. I don’t want to overstep my bounds or disturb your sacred space. But due to your dark past and your Catholic upbringing, I think you have issues. And my being a 50 year old man mentioning this to you is probably quite disturbing. But I didn’t want the contrast between Bangkok and Seoul to draw a contrast between sex and holiness. They can and should be the same. Just saying, I was choosing between a carnal route and a spiritual one. And you may just have saved me from some Thai hookers! LOLOLOLOL! You and I are both survivors. I’m glad you’re okay. I’m sorry you’re not great. If at any time you wish to vent your despair, I’m here. I can’t help you materially right now. I’m in the shit in so many ways. We just have to suck it up and drive through it. But you are not alone. Any prayers you need, I will give. Any time you need, I will give. Any advice you need, I will give. You will never in a thousand years even begin to understand how important to me you are. All the sages of Greece and Rome and Egypt and Israel and Babylon and all the jade mystics of China coming together to combine all their proverbs and sacred books and oracles from the beginning of time to its end could never in a thousand years even begin to fathom the slightest mist of a droplet from the ocean of your importance to me. I’m very, very serious. I doubt you’ll have much to say, so I want you to know that. I love you with all my heart. I’m behind you and with you, as is God, who inspired me to tell you these things. You are strong, and you are beautiful, the most beautiful woman I have ever seen or dreamed of, and you will be all your days, even as a fat old raisin, because your beauty comes from within. Because God gave you a spirit of eternity. I absolutely cannot live without knowing that you’re there. And that you’re connected to me. I just can’t do it. So thanks for the message.

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