The Plot Thickens

Hey Wilson. Sorry I’ve been ignoring your many pleas to continue my story. My schedule has actually been so full with this bike ride that I’ve had to prioritize some things. I’m hopelessly behind on many projects. I’m learning a lot about the limitations of my body. I will tell you Spain is beautiful. I’ll also say that I am happy to have made some friends along the way. There have been some interesting developments along the way that I do just have to take a few monments to fill you in on. I want to tell you how Satan uses silence to acomplish his purposes.

So with that I’ll draw your attention to a poem I wrote not long ago called “Texting.” It indicates how much I hate silence. I wrote it with some women in mind: Fire Girl, X-23, Suzanne Vanderlinden, and Liat Lerner. I guess you could also say it includes the ultimate queen of silence Noah van Ouwerkerk as well, though that whole situation is resolved for me, and I hadn’t been trying to contact her during this period. The others, though, I had. And none of them were responsive to me. Ironically, Fire Girl did actually respond to that blog post with quite an interesting answer. But for the most part Fire Girl ignores me or responds tersely and infrequently for what I assume is the continual desire to appease her atheist husband. X-23 of course is still fighting with my daughter, over nothing really, and that puts a kind of a wedge between her and I, so she also responds to me infrequently and coolly. I don’t think I’ve ever written anyone about Suzanne Vanderlinden before. She is a high school friend of mine who I reconnected with a couple of years back. She has a fool ex-husband who I think has it in mind to prevent any and all males from talking to his ex-wife. He lead me through a ridiculous psychological process that resulted in my having a blowout and insulting Suzanne, and she hasn’t spoken to me since. When I started bicycling, she showed up on the Strava app that I track my rides with, and I tried to get in touch with her after not having contact with her for a couple of years. She ignored me, probably still insulted.

Now Liat Lerner is an intersting case. I met her in the 90s through a friend in Germany, and when I got to Israel in 2018 we became friends. However, when I left the country and decided not to come back at the dawn of the Electrochemical Girl Saga, I gave her my stuff that I’d left in Israel, but my landlady and her got into it over what would happen with my stuff, and Liat felt gypped. During the whole ordeal I made some comments unflattering to Liat to someone involved, which I think got back to her, and she also then ceased to be my friend. Trying to go back to Israel on my divine mission these years later, however, I reached out to her, and God bless her, the girl was forgiving. I tell you, Wilson, nothing impresses me like a forgiving person. I was absolutely excited to rekindle a friendship with an Israeli friend at a time when all things Israeli seemed moved by Satan to oppose me. Further, Liat is a professional photographer and has made some documentaries before, and I had just come from Los Angeles with all kinds of designs for things to do in film, and the prospect of making movies together was all too exciting for me. Yet mysteriously and without explanation, Liat also found it impossible to answer texts. I would text her many messages, and she would also respond with short sentences infrequently. And with all the crap going on with Fire Girl responding infrequently with short sentences, X-23 responding infrequently with short sentences, etc. I just found myself falling into a toxic pattern of trying to interact with women who don’t interact back, and had to cut that crap out. You know all too well, Wilson, how Satan uses women to destroy me.

But this extends beyond the curious situation of my being connected to a quintet of laconic ladies, however. Remember that after my last ordeal with Israeli travel authorities I recontacted my lawyer and was met with…can you guess Wilson? Do you remember? Yes, that’s it! Silence! Spooky, eerie, inexplicable silence! It was such silence that I considered the involvement of my former lawyers in the van Ouwerkerk aim of my destruction.

And then yes, the van Ouwerkerks enter the story once again as well. After not hearing from him for nearly a year, everybody’s favorite Christian secret agent, the Chief comments on something I’ve written somewhere about saying things approving of people. Perhaps he was angry at the unflattering elements of my mention of him in a blog post or something, I don’t know. I just responded to his comment that I am quite flattering of people I am in communication with. Then there was no further communication between the Chief and I.

Shortly thereafter I wrote my post to you about the evil white knights of Birmingham Alabama, and used a catchy line to describe one of the characters in that story as a “white knight of the order of Ouwerkerk.” Keeping the chief’s comment in mind, I felt somewhat bad about making that remark in my blog post, so I checked out the dear Harold van Ouwerkerk’s Facebook page to see what the poor cat was up to. He’d just posted something about his long marriage his wife and his friendship with her. I commented: “lucky.” Of course our Dutch Captain of Peace then blocked me on Facebook. I mean, based on his past behavior I was really shocked that he hadn’t already done so.

I can’t remember how many months back he came up on my Facebook feed, quite bizarre an occurrence, actually, since we aren’t Facebook friends, but that was when weird things had been happening again like I’d been receiving Dutch spam for no reason, and some other strange things pertaining to my electronic devices. You really do need a whole blog post about all the bizarre things that happen with my electronic devices, Wilson. I’ve been complaining about bizarre behavior of my electronics going all the way back to the events described in my book back in 2019. So anyway, several months back a post from his feed pops up out of nowhere with a picture of Noah on it and a comment from him saying, “my beautiful daughter Noah.” Now when I read that I imagined that Noah was thinking that she wasn’t beautiful, and Harold as a good father encouraging her. I’ve been in that situation before myself, when Alia was thinking she wasn’t beautiful and asked me if I thought she was pretty. I wrote her a poem in response. Anyway, My heart sank at the idea Noah thought she wasn’t beautiful, so I commented, “utterly beautiful.” Now I was certain Harold would have blocked me at that time, but he didn’t! I was shocked. Still, though, it was obvious to me that no van Ouwerkerk ever wanted to hear anything from me again, so I said nothing further.

I can’t remember if I already told you, Wilson, about when I’d come to my wits’ end about the van Ouwerkerks. I’d basically been desperate to be able to prove to the world the existence and nature of God via a description of the nature of the synchronicity of all things that could only have been arranged by infinite intelligence, and would have been easily demonstrable to the world at laarge if only I had information from the van Ouwerkerks, but they of course refused to communicate with me because of some trivial social reason such as that I am uncouth or hurt someone’s feelings or that someone doesn’t want someone to know what someone was thinking about something or some other reason that of course could not at all compare with the importance of being able to prove the existence of God to the world. I hadn’t talked to those folks in forever, and had been wavering on making progress with my book publication in the hopes that I could somehow make peace with them, but they had been proving that their understanding of the New Testament involved avoiding making peace at all costs, again because someone hurt someone’s feelings or something, and the best answer would be to just excommunicate the offender or something. So I wrote a letter explaining that their hatred of me was clear, but that I’d be interested in paying them a thousand dollars for the opportunity to make peace with them and have the opportunity to remove their names from my book as an act of kindness. I mailed the letter to them via UPS, DHL, and Federal Express, and none of those expert shippers could give me a clear confirmation of recept of that letter. That in itself was quite strange.

Not long after that, just as I was about to publish my book through Kindle Direct Publishing, I actually messaged the van Ouwerkerks on Telegram to make one last stab at making peace with them, removing reference to them as the villains in my book, finally discovering their role in the story of synchronicity that would prove the existence of God to anyone who believed it, and at the least learning whether or not they had slandered me to the Israeli travel authorities. Yes, Wilson, I still can’t explain why on earth these Israeli buracrats were deporting me and denying my visas with excuses that my being a zionist is grounds for preventing my entry to the country.

At this point I’m more than certain the van Ouwerkerks have somehow caused problems for me with the government of Israel. It’s actually the least weird explanation of that phenomenon, and perfectly consistent with their behavior. Anyway, they of course did not respond to my Telegram message and made poor attempts to block me, which they were able to do after I gave them instructions on how to do so.

But so back to the recent comment I made on Harold’s Facebook page, “lucky.” He did at that point block me. And with that, the van Ouwerkerk Saga was as over as over can be. So after not being in contact with the Chrief for nearly a year, only having that one comment he made on some blog post of mine, I decided to send him a text message. It went like this: “Hey. This is Jonathan Bailey. Hope you are well. Just letting you know the van Ouwerkerks really are gone. Which was always your recommendation. Hope maybe one day you can tell me what your part in all of it really was, and that it would be the truth. You’d think a Christian would do that. From reading the New Testament, anyway.”

You know what happened next, Wilson? You guess it! Silence! He did not respond. So the group of chicks and their silence. And the silence of the van Ouwerkerk cabal, which probably involves my lawyer too. Remember when I wrote in my book that Satan doesn’t want people talking to me because I know things? See, one would be tempted to say that people jst don’t talk to me because I am a jerk. However, I point out that not a one of these people has actually told me that I am a jerk. They haven’t tried to get me to not be a jerk. They haven’t verbally condemned me for being a jerk. Satan’s reaction is always silence. It’s a silence that leaves me to speculate about what is going on. And that can lead to paranoia. Because in my experience, people who do not respond are up to no good. They are enemies. And Satan would just love it if I drowned in paranoid confusion.

So for my part, I just keep telling the truth. I keep telling my perspective. If anyone wants to engage and have an effect on what I see as the truth and my perspective on things, they are more than welcome to not be silent. However, silence is how things go. And this reminds me of a verse from the Bible.

I looked, but there was no one to help;
I was appalled, but there was no one to uphold;
so my own arm brought me salvation,
and my wrath upheld me.
I trampled down the peoples in my anger;
I made them drunk in my wrath,
and I poured out their lifeblood on the earth.

Isaiah 63:5-6

Probably sounds a bit cryptic, Wilson. I’ll leave you to figure out what it has to do with me. Suffice it to say that I see the program of silence. It’s not just because I am an jerk. If that were the case, people would be calling me up and complaining that I’m a jerk. It’s because The Chief Filth Pig In Charge can get people who don’t believe he exists to do basically anything he wants, and he wants me to be uninformed and confused, and he doesn’t want anyone to hear what I have to say.

So this post is a kind of a link between what I’ve been writing before and some things that I will be writing that will seem to go in a bit of a different direction. The new stuff might not come as quickly as I would like, as riding a bike around Europe can be like a full-time job and then some, and I am failing to make quick progress on a whole litany of goals. In fact, I need to get laundry taken care of before I get out on the road to a far destination before shabbat begins.

Vaya con Dios, amigo. I’ll write when I can. Thanks for standing by my side.

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