Well, Wilson, doomsday was actually a couple of weeks ago. And the world is still spinning. Imagine that. I’m talking about the aftermath of my visa denial by the Consulate of Israel in Mexico. Yeah, I thought I would tell you how that worked out. Or really, it didn’t work out any kind of way, but at least I know how the bureaucracy works, and that’s what I am going to tell you about.

So the denial happened on 15 August, and from what I was able to discern, I had thirty days from the incident to appeal the decision. But this appeal would be, as far as I am able to tell, with the exact same appellate court that ruled against me regarding the deportation from the Ben Gurion airport. In that instance I had paid for a lawyer to represent me. The lawyer told me the required venue for appeal would be quite expensive, but they would help me out and work the case at a low price that had been previously agreed upon only to receive a ruling against me that I was rightly deemed an illegal immigration risk because there was some evidence that I could potentially be a legal immigration risk, and that I could have just applied with some other authority at virtually no cost.

So going into trying to appeal the Consulate in Mexico’s denial of my visa, well, I can’t say I had much confidence. And I was right not to have confidence. I made some initial steps at trying to represent myself in the appeal as a pro se party (someone representing themselves in a court case without a lawyer), and from taking those steps I could easily tell that the whole thing was going to be a waste of time.

Of course there was no way I was going to pay a lawyer. I’ve mentioned to you multiple times the many efforts that the forces of evil take to bereave me of my coin. This assuredly would have been one of them. Frankly, I think the whole court case following the Ben Gurion deportation was just such an evil plot. I wasn’t terribly interested in repeating the experience.

Now the letter denying my student visa advised me to click the link provided to learn about these Israeli tribunals, but I was given a paper letter, so there was no way I could click anything. The only thing I had going for me was that I was able to read the e-mail address that I was supposed to make contact with in order to initiate an appeal. So I sent off an e-mail.

Shockingly, they responded. In my experience people just don’t respond to e-mails. They were writing in Hebrew, and I was writing in English, but, well, whatever. Google Translate works. In my initial mail I asked them for their rules of procedure. I was intending to represent myself. If that’s going to happen, I am going to need to know how the court operates. The USA maintains the principle that courts have an obligation to guarantee that private citizens have access to the legal system. In practice it’s very, very helpful to have a lawyer, and courts refuse to give legal advice to private citizens, so it can be difficult to represent yourself in court, but the courts do make their rules public, as in this example from the Arizona courts.

They did respond to that e-mail, but they gave me no information about their rules. I submitted a petition for appeal as well as I knew how to draft one up from the US legal system. They responded that submissions had to be in Hebrew. Well, Google Translate does work, but now I got to learn that this immigration court won’t operate in the international language, which might be helpful to immigrants. Remember, Wilson, I was actually trying to get a student visa to go to Jerusalem and learn Hebrew.

So no rules of procedure, submissions in Hebrew. Okay. Then comes the part about service. So in a legal case, the court has to verify that both parties are aware that the court case exists. So they require the plaintiff to go through certain steps to officially notify the defendant. This is where the famous English phrase “you’ve been served” comes from. Yes, there are a lot of rules about what constitutes proper service of notification to the other party. I asked about this, and they said that an affidavit had to be delivered to the other party.

Also as a part of guaranteeing private citizens access to the legal system, American courts make their standardized court forms available to the public. This is also something that Israeli courts don’t do as far as I was able to tell. Now the definition of an affidavit is actually any official, signed document, though in a lot of contexts it refers to a document that has been notarized, which is the standard in US courts. I actually don’t know the Israeli standards on what a proper affidavit of service would be. They made no court forms available. I am an American citizen. The defendant is an Israeli government body operating in Mexico. Clarifying what sort of affidavit would be necessary would be helpful, don’t you think, Wilson?

I drew up a form and e-mailed it to the Consulate of Mexico. Of course they pretended they didn’t receive it and didn’t respond to my e-mail serving them. That’s a beloved tactic of dishonest people, and we already know about the moral bankruptcy of the Consul in Mexico, don’t we, Wilson?

I then notified the court about the service, and they didn’t respond. I sent more e-mails, and finally they responded that they’d told me several times about needing an affidavit. So at that point I realized I was going to need some help, at least with the service part, at least to get the ball rolling. So I contacted my old lawyer in Israel and asked them if they could help me with service. In the USA paralegals and process servers do this sort of thing, and it should be doable for a small fee.

My lawyer did not respond. I made three attempts to contact them – e-mail, chat, and phone. In each case, nobody responded. I thought that was very strange. I had never had any sort of difficulty with my lawyer. I got on well with everyone from the firm that I interacted with, actually. It was patently obvious that my lawyer was intentionally not responding. There was zero chance that this was just a failure of communication or missed messages.

Something was definitely up. Remember when I told you about the Chief, Wilson? How I speculated that he was working for somebody? The van Ouwerkerks, maybe, I thought. Or some sort of law enforcement or espionage organization, maybe, I thought. I didn’t know. I was surrounded by liars and live in a world of liars, and whatever was going on, I wasn’t being included in it. Now it just could be, Wilson, that my lawyer was involved in whatever sort of conspiracy was going on. The van Ouwerkerks refuse to talk to me. My lawyer refuses to talk to me. Weird, eh? But, we can’t go crazy with conspiracies. We can’t fall prey to paranoia, superstition, etc.

The only thing I knew was that the court was impossible to work with. Israel is a country of bureaucrats that do whatever they want regardless of what the laws actually are, and their remedy for problems with bureaucrats is apparently a court system that does not give private individuals access to the legal system. But to boot, my lawyer refused to deal with me. So we are starting to get into “sign from God” territory, Wilson.

Sure, Satan owns pretty much everybody. I’ve known this for a long time, but when God wants something to happen, it happens. And this just wasn’t happening. I was barking up the wrong tree. So I decided to just quit with the appeal. Israel appears to me to basically be a nation of thugs who pay attention to rich people, powerful people, and public opinion, not having any inherent concept of law and order, where bureaucrats sell out the state by deporting and denying entry to people who love it and want to help it out in the name of God. I mean, Wilson, I am certain that is not everyone’s experience, but a very clear picture is being painted for me.

So if I am going to have anything to do with Israel, it isn’t going to be though courts and filling out forms and making arguments to bureaucratic and legal parties as any given private person of modest economic means and minimal social relevance. Despite what is written in the Torah that Israel brought to the world, the modern state of Israel, as far as I have been able to tell by my own personal experience thus far, doesn’t much care about the little guy. It doesn’t really have anything for the unknown stranger. And the irony of this predicament is that I am not allowed to go over there and confirm if my experience is just an individual mishap that I alone experience, or if that’s the way Israel generally is for everybody. Yeah, Wilson, my impression of Israel is pretty negative, and they won’t let me go over and see if there might be a better side of that country.

So at this point I have made a couple of resolutions. First, I am not going to give up on that people and that country despite the concerted efforts of the Satanists at the Ben Gurion Airport, Consulate of Israel in Mexico, and this Israeli appellate court. I can see that I am being conditioned by the forces of evil to hate that place. So I am not going to let that happen. Second, I’m going to be taking things in a new direction and to a new level. Satan will knife you in the ribs when nobody is looking. So, I am going to make sure people are looking.

I can’t tell you a lot of the specifics about what I intend to do at this point, Wilson. And I certainly can’t tell you if my plans and intentions are going to be successful, or even the details about what would constitute success. I am in a kind of preparatory, play things by ear, see what develops stage. What I can tell you is that exposing evil is going to be a big part of what I am about from here on, whether I am inside Israel or somewhere else. I just went to LA and touched base with a film production company. I wrote some editorials for the Times of Israel at the end of 2021. I’ve got a couple of friends that like to take pictures and videos, make documentaries, etc. and I have a pension and can pretty much go anywhere and do anything without costing anybody a dime. That’s really all I can say at the moment.

So the Israeli Consulate in Mexico denied my visa on August 15th, and I had until around September 15th to appeal that decision, but we have just now started October. Doomsday came and went, but I’m still here. And I’m just getting started.

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