Breadth of Empire

Get this, Wilson. I have visited the capital of the greatet of the empires of antiquity, the prototype for human political power. I have ascended the volcano that destroyed an opulent and ancient world. I rode across the ancient Greek and Phoenician colony, the birthplace of the American mafia. I sat at the foot of another volcano, a copy of the Mountain of God. I was challenged at many points, and suffered many calamities, though I was also tempted with phenomenal beauty. For all of this, I did not stay, as nothing compares to the goal before me. Odysseus shall press onward.



It Rains in Winter


Sunny Naples


Vesuvius Pwnd

After the Ferry

From Palermo Eastward



Chainring Explosion

Night Ride

Two Hills and an Airport Hotel

Hiking with a Bike

Finally a Good Ride

Long Ride

Last Ride in Italy

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