Back at the Hostel in Valencia…

OG: Dude. Did you notice we are the only guys here? There must be 75 eighteen year-old girls here.

PB: Wow, man, you’re right. Huh.

OG: There must be a college volleyball championship in town or something.

PB: Not sure Valencia is a huge college volleyball center. I get what you’re saying, though. Somethingmust be going on. It’s cool we’re sitting here eating breakfast in a place full of girls.

OG: Young women scare me, actually.

PB: Why?

OG: Long story. Basically, I’m always afraid that they or someone around them is going to destroy me for being a sex predator.

PB: Don’t worry. They’re not going to destroy you by sayi g you’re a, sex predator. They’re going to destroy you by saying you’re mentally ill.

OG: Well, I’m ready for that…I think.

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