Esau’s Ladder

Hey, Wilson. Think about the fact that for the world to fall, for shame and hatred to exist, for decrepitude and pain to afflict us, Adam and Eve had to eat a fruit. They had to ingest a chemical.

Now think about all the caffeine they put into everything. It’s a stimulant. Yet we drink it constantly whether we need to wake up or not.

Think about nicotine. Tobacco. A whole culture loves it. Usually the rockers, the party guys, the rebels. But before that, the Native Americans used it in their sweat lodges and other holy rituals.

According to Dr. Kirby Surprise, stimulants increase the frequency and intensity of synchonistic events for people who have them.

Think about how psychedelics have been used not only by the Native Americans, but all over the world to connect with spirits and other worlds. Mescaline. Peyote. Ayahuasca. The Soma juice of ancient India. The list goes on.

Now let me switch tracks a little bit. Do you know what dreams are? They are the rebooting of the consciousness, if I may borrow a term from the computer world. You see, when a human goes to sleep, their cosciousness ceases to exist. When they wake up, they start to exist again. The consciousness stops, and the brain shuffles itself around to rebalance, and then the consciousness turns itself back on and reconnects to the brain, which is the point at which the body connects to consciousness.

God is an artist. He loves processes. He actually doesn’t really like what we call miracles, which are the superceding of the processes that define reality. He only uses miracles to show that he is in charge of these processes. But if you’re thirsty, sure he can just make a bottle of water appear in your hand. But he would rather ordain a chain of events by which some stranger feels a moment of compassion and decides to buy you a bottle of water. It’s a much more artful process.

So the brain is the part of the body that connects to the consciousness. To the body, and there is a certain process to the reconnection that happens every morning. The consciousness actually starts thinking, bit by bit, before it has taken control of the body. It usually thinks about things of significance from the day prior, or things that are very significant in the life of the individual as a whole, either from major ongoing life circumstances, or from childhood and the person’s core personality, or occasionally, from beyond. As it restarts, the consciousness doesn’t have much control over what it is thinking. Only when the process of the consciousness restarting and reconnecting to the body is complete does the person wake up and assume control over their thoughts. This process of the consciousness restarting and reconnecting to the body is called dreaming.

Now back when I used to debate atheists they would commonly mock the Bible by telling me the story of the temptation of Eve was ridiculous because snakes don’t talk. Even if snakes originally had legs before being cursed to slither, they still wouldn’t be able to talk if their jaws even remotely resembled anything like a snake. But Genesis doesn’t say much about how the snake spoke, or the circumstances under which the serpent’s communication with Eve took place.

You see, the first six chapters of Genesis tell the history of a society that was completely destroyed, and that was only survived by one man and his family. There is a sentence in there about how divine beings copulated with human women, and their children were superheroes. At least that’s how I and many understand it. It’s just one sentence. Probably the most enigmatic sentence ever uttered by humankind. Likewise, the story of Eve is only what that one man and his family remembered and decided to tell us and we wrote down.

So let me add some detail. Eve had a dream. In that dream she saw the tree of experience with the distinction of good and evil, and wrapped around that tree was a snake. And in that dream she heard a voice, and understood it as the snake talking to her. It told her to eat the fruit. It told her to ingest a chemical.

So Eve woke up, went to the tree, and ate the fruit, along with all of the chemicals in that fruit. And Adam did too. Not long afterward, some drugs take a while to “kick in,” they started to experience anxiety. Anxiety then produced unwarranted fear, shame, anger, and all the rest.

Now I’m no big fan of psychology or the eastern religions. They lack the wisdom afforded by special revelation and are based on erroneous information. But not having special revelation, they spend a lot of energy observing reality and trying to figure out what is going on. And one thing they have observed is that there are various ways, quite intense some of them, that external reality mirrors the internal self. While not every example of this mirroring posited in these philosophies is correct, the principle in general is in fact true. This is because God wrote our lives as stories to have meaning to us, and we are in fact characters in the stories of the lives of those around us that have meaning to them.

So when Adam and Eve ate that fruit, they changed. And when they changed, the world around them changed to mirror who they now were. And we were born into their world. That is the process that God ordained, and Satan, in his attempt to get out of his exile and into our world, trifled with that process and ruined our world.

Now think, Wilson, over the last couple of years, governments have been introducing the idea of requiring citizens to be injected with chemicals in order to participate in society. Who has been the primary opponent of this requirement? Haredi Jews and Evangelical Christians. The religious. Who were the most enthusiastic and militant proponents of obligatory chemical ingestion for participation in society? Blue state America. Communist China. Secular Europe. And what government was right there along with them? The government that deports and denies the student visas of Zionists despite there being no laws behind it. The government that prevents born Jews from making aliyah because they are elderly or Russian despite there being no laws about this. The government that doesn’t accept most conversions to Judaism despite the laws about this being rather tolerant. That government fined people for going outside, not wearing stupid, useless masks, shuttered businesses, and the list goes on. There are traitors in your midst, Ariel.

Be careful about what you put in your body, Wilson, I mean in your case, you only have to worry about a bad air pump. But the rest of us, we might want to think about government-mandated injections. This has been an issue since the first two people to ever walk the earth. There is more going on here than most people, even most conspiracy theorists, have ever contemplated. It has to do with breaking down the barriers to the beyond. Inducing behaviors. And I’m not talking about barriers to the beyond that we want broken down.

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