Filth Pig Sock Puppets

Okay, Wilson. Here we go. In my last post I talked to you about choices people make and what side of things these choices end up putting them on. The backdrop of that missive was some events that I experienced in my personal life from my youth. Today I am going to tell you about some things that have been going on over the last few years. Of course you’ve read my book. I know there are some technical problems with the e-book right now. I am working on clearing those up here shortly. The paperback is shortly on the way if you want to grab a copy when that comes out. Otherwise, if you want to reference it immediately, the Kindle Cloud Viewer works fine for the time being.

But you already know from that book that some serious things happened to me in 2019 that changed the way I look at things. But upon reflection I’ve been able to determine that some weird stuff has been going on in my personal life for quite a while which ties events from before 2019 to things that have been going on up until today. I think telling you about these things will provide some substance to the I told you in my last post as well as give you a bit of a heads up about how things are going to go moving forward.

Now for the title. At the end of my last post I made the statement that if someone doesn’t make a conscious choice to serve God and the spirit of goodness, they’ll basically end up following their baser urges around until they are basically a sock puppet for the spirit of evil, and that which opposes God. To that add that way back Trent Reznor wrote a song called “Filth Pig.” I don’t even know what the song was about, frankly, but I liked the title so much I’ve started to use that term as a kind of nickname for demons, or spirits of evil and godlessness. So then a Filth Pig Sock Puppet is basically someone who basically does whatever the demons who owns his soul want him to do, to the point that he can no longer distinguish his own will from theirs.

Now in my crazy Facebook posts I’ve said that the world in which we live is not a world in harmony with the spirit of God. Now everyone on earth does do their wrestling with evil, but not everyone is a Filth Pig Sock Puppet, of course. However, this evil spirit, or these evil spirits, or the personal being who is the king of such spirits, which I will collectively call “Satan,” puts “his” sock puppets in positions of relevance to allow greater control over the world in which we live.

That is, and I think I’ve said this explicitly in this or that Facebook post, that the greatest servants of the dark side are going to gravitate towards positions of leadership and authority, and they are going to end up in the following areas:

  • Political leaders
  • Educators
  • The media
  • Scientists
  • Israeli border control

Yeah, the last one seems a bit funny. Maybe hostile to Israel and antisemitic. I’ve mentioned them in rather cheeky posts when whining about various problems I’ve had with them lately. Overall, what the list looks like is that you can be as holy as you want as long as you are a dirt farmer in Nebraska or a white-bearded Kabbalists meditating on a hilltop outside Safed. But if you’re going to mold the minds of children (educators) or the general public (the media), or if you’re actually going to form public policy (politicians), then you’re probably going to have to sign a contract with Mephistopheles to get anywhere outside of niche areas without facing incredible opposition. Yeah, this is a metaphorical contract with Satan. Sadly, most of today’s sock puppets have no idea who or what they serve, really. But they’re doing the deed nonetheless.

But I do want to devote some attention to the last group on the list. Basically because I have some interesting stories to tell about it. But before I get into those, I want to give a little background. See, I am of the camp that believes that Israel has a special destiny pertaining to the ultimate fate of the world. Israel will be gathered to their divinely given home, and there will be a spiritual awakening under some unusual circumstances, and ultimately King Messiah will reign victorious over the world from his capital of Jerusalem with the actual nation of Israel having a special place in his army, the people of God from all over the world.

Satan can’t let that happen, so modern Israel has had a rather unusual history, an obvious fact to anyone who takes a look at it, regardless of their spiritual inclinations. Israel has won a phenomenal number of wars, in every case defensive against what can only be described as bloody-eyed frothing hostility on a number of fronts, most notably Iran as of late. The demon that runs that country is still smarting from letting the Jews come back home during the Archaemenid period. He’s bound and determined not to let happen what has been prophesied to happen. Even if he has to use nukes. But these incredible victories, which can only be described as miraculous acts of God, have been accompanied by a picture of national life that survives by a thread, and at great cost. Segments of Israeli society are hopelessly divided and opposed to each other. Seculars hate religious, vice versa, various religious groups are at each others’ throats, nobody can agree who is even a Jew, or who should be allowed to become one, and this lovely scenario is played out against a back of constant threat of terrorist attacks. The ideologues among the Jews are themselves plagued by personal failings of racism and difficulty in just treatment of Arabs among the internationally recognized areas of Israel much less the West Bank.

Israel has some lovely beaches, great weather, millennia of culture and monuments, and institutions of art, science, and learning of international renown, but all of that barely thrives in what can only be described as a pool of suck delivered by Hamas rockets and other threats. Again, these blessings are miracles, but stained in conflict and human failing among Jews and Arabs.

An intrinsic factor of the negative forces are the Filth Pig Sock Puppets, those guys who work for Satan, whether they know it or not. Wilson, if you end up deciding you want to take up the fight for God’s side, you’re going to run into them. I have. In my case, as a gentile who went to Israel and is looking to go back, the first challenge you’re going to run into is actually getting there. I have some stories to tell.

Now you know that by my own admission I’ve lost my mind before, and I’ll be the first to call myself crazy. I’m not ACTUALLY crazy, and I’ll clarify some things about my own mindset at some point, Wilson. Don’t you worry. But for now, crazy is a decent enough word, I suppose. Now the first little bit of that crazy I’d say was acquired in 2010-2012 when I got out of the army with PTSD. The rest of it came with the events I described in my book. You’ve read it. If you need a refresher, there’s Kindle Cloud Reader.

But crazy things started happening to me before the events of the book. It’s important to me to tell you about these things to kind of tie periods of my life of “more sanity” to periods of “less sanity,” so I can hopefully clue you into the fact that while I use the word “insanity,” there is more going on here.

So with that, I’ll dig in. My first strange event takes place in Houston in the USA. It was really typical, such that I didn’t really notice anything about it at the time. It was so typical I didn’t think anything of it, but some details brought it to my recollection later. As I mentioned in my book I decided to go to Israel in 2018 in order to follow my daughter and do some soul searching. Naturally that process would start with a visa.

The Israeli consulates I know of in the USA are in Los Angeles, Houston, and New York. I was living in Arizona at that time, but you know I’m Texan, Wilson, with family all over the state. So after getting accepted to an Ulpan in Israel, I put in for a student visa with the Houston consulate. I traveled to the area, handed in my documents, and was told to come back in a week. I actually couldn’t make it back for a couple of weeks, and when I did, absolutely nothing had been done with my visa. I personally thought it was strange. I’d never had problems like that with visas to the nineties. But things happen. So I made no note of oddities. The consulate ended up having to rush through my application quickly to get me the visa. Fair enough. I came in to pick it up, and everything was fine, but as I was leaving with my visa, there was a dude there, presidential and presiding, not one of the employees at the window, who just looked at me like he wanted to kill me. I actually stopped and stared back for a bit, taken aback. At the time I thought maybe he was a supervisor who was mad at the inconvenience my rush processing caused the office. Unfortunate, but nothing to worry about. I left with my stamp. That was that incident. Nothing special. But it adds to the shit show that would follow.

I just wanted to mention one detail. When I put in for the visa, the passport I had at that time only had a couple of years left on it, so they only gave me a visa for six months. My program was for a year. But they told me I could get it renewed in the country.

Now when I got to the Ulpan, everybody there except me was an eighteen year old French kid. Except for a couple. Now kids are always concerned about what’s cool and what’s not. I was uncool. I was a celibate monk at the time with complexes about women from my PTSD, and I could not give a half a drop of piss about whether anyone thought I looked good. I was fat, and I had long hair, a strange feat since I was and still am totally bald on top, and walked around in shorts and sandals all the time. None of them wanted anything to do with me. Except, of course, for Mante.

And this was weird, because Mante was a gentile Lithuanian chick who was there on an exchange program and living with her Arab Israeli boyfriend. Of course she was going to have a boyfriend because she was utterly stunning. A twenty five year old gymnast. But that wasn’t what was so special about the way she looked. Her eyes were utterly expressive, open, honest, and childlike. She captivated all the boys, even Bucky, which is the nickname I gave to the 24 year-old French guy in the class with me who was one of the few who got along with me because he wasn’t 18. He’s still my friend to this day, quite a testament to his character, since he is secular, and I rage pretty regularly against atheism on social media. This is a credit to his character.

But Mante was really entranced with me. I am not saying in a sexual or romantic way. Maybe she was into Americans, or she liked older folks. This happens. Even at 49, I enjoy hearing the fascinating stories of the lives of the elders in my life. I really don’t know.

But an interesting thing about Mante was that just before it came time for me to be thinking about my visa, Mante had huge visa problems. See, the Ulpan I was with was working with the mikhlala of Netanya to prove Hebrew and get student visas for its students as a part of that relationship. That situation had been going on for years, but when Mante went to renew her visa, the Ministry of the Interior all of the sudden decided that the ulpan didn’t have the right to sponsor student visas, even with the full endorsement of the mikhlala. She ended up having to quit the ulpan and go back to Lithuania.

Not long after, my six months was coming up, and my renewal was also denied for the same reason. After much consternation, I finally went to Berlin and got my visa renewed by the Israeli consulate there with no problems.

The next weird experience with the forces of darkness trying to keep me away from Israel happened toward the end of my stay there. You know I studied Arabic and Russian with the Army, Wilson. Going over to Israel as a place where one can encounter Hebrew, Arabic, and Russian was one of my reasons to taking the trip.

Well, at one point I wanted to get myself an Arabic laptop. However, I couldn’t find any, even when I went up to Nazareth, which is an Arabic area. Again, I’m Texan. And I’ve lived in Arizona for several years recently on account of my ex wife and daughter. Both of these states are close to Mexico. Now when Texans and Arizonans want some cheap viagra, or some cheap dental work, we hop down to Mexico and get what we are after.

With that mindset, and having difficulty finding an Arabic laptop, I decided to take a day trip to Jordan and get me a laptop. I stayed in some border city one night. I came back the next day. When I came back, this chick working at the checkpoint just would not comprehend the idea of taking a day trip to Jordan. She asked me millions of questions. I showed her the laptop. She was unsatisfied and bid me to wait. Only me. Not the other white guys speaking English coming into the country. Then up came her supervisor, another young chick. Why these college-aged chicks were running the checkpoint I don’t know. The whole thing was set up in such a way to get my goat, since you know I have PTSD level problems with getting harassed by young chicks. Again, that is explained in my book.

So the supervisor again asks millions of questions. I know it’s a technique to find out if someone is telling the truth by asking questions over and over, but it just got excessive. Knowing this is how things went, I was patient and understanding, answering the same questions over and over, ten, twenty, fifty times. But they just weren’t satisfied. Nothing would satisfy them. There came a point where the joke of it was apparent to me, and I said, “look, I have a visa, I need to get back to school.” At the first instance of my frustration, I was hauled off for questioning, told to take down my pants in a kind of gesture of harassment. Being the monk that I was, I said that I wasn’t wearing undearwear,

I was told to wait for hours until local male police could come and gaze at my anus or whatever. In the interim, I was interrogated by a debriefer. We had a great time. I told him everything about my life. I am sure there is a file on me somewhere the size of a Webster’s unabridged dictionary. The guy ultimately gave me a thumbs up with a handshake and the cops came, took a look at my penis, and I was let go. The cop dudes acted like the whole thing was stupid harassment too, one of them flat out apologizing to me.

This is how you know you’re dealing with a Filth Pig Sock Puppet, Wilson. They just keep coming at you until they get what they want. They’ll have Mother Teresa tearing out her hair and dropping F-bombs about the stupid irrationality of everything. Then once they have you there, they can treat you like an enemy of the state.

Imagine how the Palestinians feel. The Filth Pig Sock Puppets love Arab-Jew hatred. Usually that hatred comes to fruition with Hamas rockets tearing into Jewish kids, but that’s not a problem for the servants of Satan.

So I get back into the country by some miracl, and then went home and decided not to come back after all the garbage I describe in my book. So we have four problems with Israeli travel authorities during that year. The first was the senior guy at the consulate who looked at me with hate in his eyes, and the second was the sudden decision by the visa authorities to disqualify my ulpan, the third was the bitches on the border with Jordan, and the fourth was the van Ouwerkerks, the villains of my book. You know, Wilson, a family of Christians who decide to torment another Christian (that was my identity at the time) by punching hard into my PTSD trigger of being treated like a sex predator. Again, all that is in my book.

Then the FIFTH bit of weirdness was after I decided to take a trip to Israel in 2021 to hang out with a rabbi friend of mine. That whole thing I describe with unfettered literary flare in my post Bucharest. That one was to the chief. There are some things you need to know about that guy. I’ll put that on my to-do list.

So what I am trying to say, Wilson, is that if you serve God, and you want to help the holy people be holy, you’re going to run into some Filth Pig Sock Puppets. Israel seems to be so important in the celestial scheme that the forces of darkness have taken it upon themselves to prioritize controlling to the letter who can even stand on that Levantine soil.

I have another story, about someone else who felt inspired to make Israel a better place and the Jews a better people. Out of respect for her privacy, I’ll call her the Little Mermaid. She’ll know why. Interestingly, she is an ex-Christian like me. But more of a traditional one, since my whole Jesus riddle is a complex one, but for her, she took the standard Jesus route, insisting that she can’t be a Christian because she is convinced that Jesus is not the Messiah. She’s written some pretty acidic treatises in his condemnation. She decided she couldn’t be Christian on account of her thoughts on that, and got herself a Reformed conversion and headed off to Israel only to have the worst time someone can describe. Initially she caught all kinds of grief because of her Reform conversion. Everybody was saying she wasn’t a real Jew. So she went through an Orthodox conversion, but then the issue turned into the fact that she was irrelevant because she was a woman. Like everyone in her life in Israel was just looking for some reason to give her a hard time and make her hate being in Israel. Ultimately she headed off to Latin America just as I was making the decision to leave Latin America and head back to Israel. I don’t really know much about how she is doing now. I should get back in touch and see how things are going.

Then as a final bit of contemplation I want to turn your attention to COVID. Yeah, the head cold that shut down the world. The USA tried to keep businesses going, but Israel thought the answer to everything was to shut down travel. In the USA the Evangelical Christians were harping about the Mark of the Beast and the Antichrist when the secular leftist wanted to follow Europe with vaccine passports, lockdowns, you know. Israel was the most nazi of everybody, though, with vaccine boosters required every few months, and the vaunted Green Pass.

Now to the country’s credit, they’ve wised up about the Orwellian COVID nightmare to some degree, but the rapidity and extend to which God’s chosen nation succumbed to the diabolical media hysteria of the COVID pogrom does not sit well with this Knight of the Almighty, Wilson. I don’t know about you.

So in closing, I want to remind you of the nuanced meaning of the term Filth Pig Sock Puppet. I am not calling these border and travel authorities filth pigs. I am saying that some of them have unwittingly become instruments of filth pigs, the vile spirits that plague the world and work against God, justice, and goodness. However, it is sad that the bad guys from other dimensions have had such incredible degrees of success in controlling Jacob’s princes and princesses.

The cure for this is the Torah, the document of the founding father Moses. I’m not saying everybody needs to daven like a haredi. There is a lot to that statement about Torah being the answer.

Now I have a sixth and seventh episode to speak of concerning the godless agents of the filth pigs, but that’s going to have to come later. I want to catch you up on a few other things first. And this post has gotten long.

So Wilson, I know health is important to you. Your contribution to volleyball is the stuff of legend. But try to go light on the jogging. It can be tough on the knees. And don’t drink too many mojitos. I know first hand what that will do to a man.

Until we meet again, friend.

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