The Accuracy of the Genesis Record

In order to believe that the book of Genesis is historically accurate, you only need to do one simple thing: realize that everyone around you is completely deluded about absolutely everything. That’s it. A simple task. Most people don’t want to do that, however. They’ll go with whatever the media says. And in the case of the Genesis record, whatever their professors of archaeology and history history say. And all the biological scientists preaching neodarwinian evolution are going to be right. In order to believe the Genesis record is accurate, the only thing you have to do is believe all those guys are wrong.

So you just have to be the biggest conspiracy theorist there is. George Soros just can’t control all those people. Neither the Rothschilds. Or the Eisenhauer defense complex. Even Hydra the neonazi organization against which Captain America fights wouldn’t be able to control all of those people. In order for supposed secret organizations such as the Illuminati to be able to control all those people,i one out of every three people on earth would have to be working for the Illuminati. There would be no way for them to hide. Luckily, I’ve been talking to you about another bad guy in my posts. The older posts aboutٍ Satan were more academic style essays, though I complained a lot about Israeli Border Authorities being under Satan’s control in funny accounts of my personal adventures. But the shoe actually fits. Things have gotten more intense for me recently as I have tried to show in my more recent posts. Being completely alone, I have had a variety of very bizarre interactions with strangers. Very unusual things have been happening on my electronic devices, and all of this has combined with my own psychology to practically drive me nuts and prevent me from reaching my goal of entering Israel for the second time. So I have a lot of experience with Satan, and know the guy can do amazing things to people.

Now here I will add that I am not much of a conspiracy theorist. I’d like  to start off my explanation of this by saying that the earth is freaking round. I’ve flown around big chunks of it at a time. I am doing so again next week. I do see a realistic possibility and a probable motivation for the first moon landing to be faked, but I find it hard to believe that the entire Apollo program was faked, so I really don’t go with the whole fake space program thing. I am trying to think about what other conspiracies people tend to believe in. I don’t even know. I am just not that much of a conspiracy theorist.

However, in addition to human conspiracies that people presume are driving patterns of social behavior, we now have the privilege of seeing in very recent memory the effect of mass delusion. I think by now most of the people I interact with, whether liberal or conservative or religious or secular, understand that COVID was a pile of bullshit. It was apparently some sort of cold or flu virus that had an unusually powerful original strain that caused respiratory failure in some older people, but quickly mutated into delta and omicron strains, which were just seasonal diseases. But we saw the governments of the world require health passes, lock down populations, mandate vaccinations (which are now proving to be potentially dangerous), and shutter businesses because of this thing that we were absolutely positively sure was going to kill us. The media milked it for what it was worth forever and ever and ever. People went to jail because of it. Religious people risked their lives and careers to avoid being vaccinated. Nobody could actually convince anybody effectively of what was going on. People just went with it if they went with modern secular media society, or they went against it if they were conspiracy theorists or people with religious motivations for going against the grain. But facts are facts. We used to wear masks everywhere. Now we don’t. We just took them off, and everybody didn’t die. Everything just went back to normal when the media couldn’t get ad clicks off of the story, and when businesses told governments enough was enough.

The whole thing just popped out of nowhere during an election season. The election of that President who swore fealty to the Christians of America and sent his Jewish son-in-law to completely undo the horrific policies in the Middle East that were threatening Israel. Most people would look for a Chinese conspiracy on account of Huawei, but I saw a little red guy with horns and a tail all mad he wasn’t going to be able to nuke Israel.

We can look further back to the Germans saying Jews were not human beings who needed to be gassed. Likewise, Catholics said Native Americans didn’t have souls and needed to be enslaved and subjugated. In these older cases, the sheer fervor of the confidence with which the utterly deluded are absolutely convinced that they are correct is mind boggling. Yet we still want to say that such a thing could never happen to us.

Mass delusion is real. We have just seen it with COVID. Sure there may have been Chinese conspirators involved, but those conspirators cannot explain the delusion that followed in the western media. Not to mention that if this were simply a Chinese conspiracy, the conspirators nearly destroyed China with it. I think if you want to call it a conspiracy, a planned attack, you have to admit that the conspirators are supernatural. My term for it is Satan.

Could we be deluding ourselves with the question of our origins? Could the forces of Satan be closing our minds? Warping our thoughts? It would be very comforting for people who are afraid of divine judgment to convince themselves that they popped out of nothing at random. Especially if they have demons whispering onto their ears, directing their attention spans, and fueling their urges. Not many people know anything about the love of God anymore. Demons wouldn’t have much opposition to their agenda.

That’s the way Satan likes it. This is your ultimate bogeyman, folks. He actually lives in your heart. I believe in personal spirits, but whether or not you do, you have to admit that the human heart causes people to follow certain patterns. These patterns tend to revolve around love of God or hatred of him. What’s more though, my belief in personal spirits with specific agendas becomes more pronounced when I see certain bizarre phenomena surround the nation of Israel that only makes sense if you think that is God’s country that Satan is trying to destroy.

With all of the above, I am just trying to convince you of the point that it is actually possible that everybody could be wrong about very big, very basic things, such as the questions about where we come from. We see outlying and competing philsophies about our origins. There are those who say we live in a virtual reality. Others say aliens created humanity and the earth. But if you ever go to any university anywhere and preach anything other than the Big Bang and neodarwinian evolution, you will be risking your job.

I know this to be true. I am a biblical creationist. I studied this issue with great depth in the 90s. I nearly majored in geology in college. I saw a lot of strange behavior from scientists and professors as they couldn’t answer questions, tried to avoid answering, got angry at my asking, etc. I read scientific periodicals about mass spectroscopy and genetics. I really got into this. What I came away with was that our picture of where we came from really isn’t much different from a narrative spun around COVID. It’s a kind of a house of cards. The biologists assume the geologists are correct, and the physicists assume those guys are correct, etc. Historians and archaeologists assume the natural scientists are correct. Archaeolgists know they conjecture about the past, but natural science is all about observational data, right? Professors have to participate in academic culture to have successful careers. People like to be patted on the back. They only go against the herd when they know it isn’t going to get them fired. They choose to dare to contradict when they will get applause for it.

When I was studying origins and natural science, I noticed a number of issues surrounding chronology, which is at the heart of the Genesis issue. Electron spin resonance and thermoluminescence dating is just a reinterpretation of the same mass spectroscopic data as radiometric dating. Carbon dating is the only form of radiometric dating that actually deals with events from observable human history. Carbon dating depends totally on sample quality, and only organic matter can be sampled at all. Rubidium-strontium, potassium-argon, and uranium-lead dating also have the same problems of sample quality, and they are all calibrated from carbon dating. Yet carbon dating has been corrected twice. Once from Anatolian dendrochronlology, and once from Egyptian calendars. Archaeologists will prefer a calendar in every case to carbon dating. They know that they will send off a sample and very likely get just about nothing. Only when they really want to narrow down exact dates to things that they already have a ballpark figure for from other methods do they send off various samples to various labs and whine and hollar and discriminate among results to derive actual specifics.

Yet the age of the earth was determined solely by uranium-lead dating of some rock samples in Newfoundland. That’s it. Over and done. Now we know. Over the intervening years since I’ve studied the issue, there may have been other sources for determining this age. But trust me, only the ones that fit the narrative ever go anywhere. Only the ones that get you tenure or grants or articles about you. Only the ones that work for Satan’s agenda.

Various problems have been found with ice core dating, ocean sea salt dating, and other methods. None of these methods give dates the same as radiometric dating. Yet there is this narrative that the earth is four billion years old and life is five hundred million years old and the universe is thirteen billion years old that has basically remained unchanged since it was published. Everything has to fit the narrative.

In order to believe that the Genesis narrative is correct, you’re going to have to believe that people used to live to almost a thousand years old before a great flood inundated the world. Nobody believes this great flood could have happened. They find sea shells at the top of the Himalayas, the Alps, and the Rockies, but they couldn’t have all gotten there at the same time. Scientistist will tell you that basically every part of the earth was under water, but they will insist that it was at different times. After all, where did the water come from? And where did it go?

I haven’t studied too much of this too recently, but the primary understanding according to my recollection is that the earth’s crust has today a ton of subsurface water, as do most other planetary bodies.

To boot, the earth’s crust is thinner in some places than others. So a cross section of it might have looked like this before the flood:

Creationist scientists theorize that something impacted the earth and caused the crust to collapse, so now we have something like this:

I could go on and on about creationism. It was the rage back in the 90s, but if you try to find anything today, you get nothing but kid books. I guess the AIs don’t like it very much. And the people who were into it got commercialized. Kids books sell. Creationist professors don’t get jobs, tenure, or grant money.

But uninformed people want to ask how Noah fit ten million species on his ark, when it’s quite clear that only land vertebrates from somewhere between genus and family were concluded, so there were less than 2,000 animals. It’s funny how misinformed people are. They want to know what deck Noah put the sperm whales on. It’s amazing how much effort people take tomake absolutely sure none of this ever gets into a school room. The result is that nobody knows anything about it.

Finally, and this gets more relevant to the points below, but changing from a green earth to a blue earth with completely different patterns of cloud cover changed the earth’s albedo and how it stores energy. Also, amber samples have been found from ancient trees showing double the oxygen content of our atmosphere with greature atmospheric pressure. I will leave you alone to research barometric pressure healing therapies to get an idea of how different things could have been. All of these factors and more could have very great effects on human biology.

So, if you suspend devotion to the chronology narrative, recognizing that everybody can indeed be deluded, especially with a supernatural malevolent enemy of spirits jacking up how people think, and then you throw in a cataclysmic flood that altered the earth top to bottom, you may well be able to accept the idea that people used to live to be 900 years old before that flood. Huge numbers of cultures talk about past golden ages of advanced civilization that preceded the early world, and very many of those involve people of spectacular age. Uta Napishtim, the guy who survived a world-ending flood from the Epic of Gilgamesh, was said in that work to never die. The Sumerian kings list shows the ancients living tens of thousands of years. And if you convert it from a base six number reckoning system to a base ten one, you get a remarkable correspondence to the biblical antedeluvian patriarchs. Let’s not forget Atlantis and all the legends of sunken civilizations. These stories are found all over the world.

Once you have an open mind to people once living almost a thousand years back in a very different kind of world, you have biblical chronology. Now I have a table that shows some things that one can observe from looking at the geneological data from Genesis.

First, note that Abraham was 60 years old when Noah died. Noah was 84 years old when Adam’s grandson Enosh died. Before the flood people lived centuries. They had lots of opportunities to interact with each other. It’s hard to imagine the data about the first few chapters of Genesis that would have had to come from Noah’s head being innacurate. It’s not like that information was passed down orally from generation to generation for centuries or millennia. The dude from the flood lived through most of it and heard about the things from before his lifetime from the grandson of the very first human being.

Further, Abraham had Noah to ask. Abraham lived during the era of the Sumerian city states. There was writing everywhere. Mathematics. Scribal classes. It wasn’t too far behind ancient Rome, actually. Assuredly he took some cuneiform tablets with him to Canaan. And then when his grandson Jacob went down to Egypt, his great grandson Joseph was vizier of the place. This also was one of the most advanced civilizations in the world with writing, academics, etc. By the time you get to Moses, only a few centuries later, Israel was a nation of a half a million people living in the most scientifically and culturally advanced nation on the planet. Surely their leaders maintained their national archives.

The idea that Genesis contains some dim recollection of millennia old oral campfire stories passed down through hundreds of generations of ignorant sheep herders is just malarkey. The whole narrative takes place among the most advanced civilizations of the ancient world where writing has been found to exist from their very beginnings. And you only need a few stops. Adam > Enosh > Noah > Abraham > Jacob > Joseph > Moses. The last four of these are from civilizations known to use writing prodigiously, and the first three are from an antedeluvian civilization where angels were said to have walked among men, where people lived for centuries.

If you can bag secular chronology and go with biblical chronology, the most plausible presentation of the Genesis record is that it is a compilation of ancient written sources involving a very small amount of generational transmission, and therefore its accuracy is not implausible at all. It is, in fact, very plausible.

Now of course, since the AI algorithms run everything in these last days, if you type Genesis into a search engine, you get a freaking Hyundai. So have fun with the image of this post.

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