The Superhero is Gone

The oceans of the world cannot contain my tears
As I stare into the face of the sum of all fears
Silence of notifications
The most powerful of prevarications

The soul contains such darkness
There is no victory
Her anger fuels loneliness
She has written for us the end of her story

Where there is no communication
There can be no reparation nor salvation
Isolation engenders its own form of damnation
A tribulation for which there is no consolation

If only she knew the source of the rejection with which she is obsessed
Is a spirit by which she is insideously possessed
It’s an evil external
Wicked and infernal
Working its way to her interior
Subjugating her light to the inferior

Alas, as of today there is nothing to say
If she would listen to our words anyway
It’s always the same, night and day
So we accept the finality
Of the end of solidarity
The spirit killing her won’t let her talk to me

The only thing I will always know
The only thing that gives me hope
I see from far away through my telescope
That girl is a superhero

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