Jonah is Leaving Tarshish

So according to legend, Wilson, Lisbon was named after Ulysses. That’s where I started, and it looks like the Iberian leg of the voyage is coming to a close.

Checking in at the Hostel

First Flat in Europe

Century Ride

Doing Laundry, Getting a Haircut, and Hanging Out with a Karaite

Another Day in Headwindugal

Llegué a España


¡Al sur!




De nuevo en España

Vuelta Marbella



¿Strava fue jodida?



Montañas del otoño

El hombre de la mancha


Del hostal a la playa

Saliendo de Valencia

Lluvia y playa

A Tarragona


Playa y barrio gótico

The music likes to tell me I’m not Ulysses, and I’m not going home. This time the music is wrong.

I haven’t thus far been able to make contact with the “acquaintances” that I’d hoped to meet here in Barcelona. If any of you guys want to crack a beer, Lluís, David, cough cough, I can be reached at +34 663 71 99 44 (and WhatsApp), and will be in town through Sunday.

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