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I wonder how long it’s going to take for one of these things to declare itself God.

You guys aren’t going to believe what happens.

A machine isn’t going to develop consciousness unless God puts a consciousness into it. However, a demon might be willing to make itself available as a consciousness to pilot a machine. Just food for thought.

The way bad guy 1 (demons) get you to love bad guy 2 (AI) is to get bad guy 3 (the ayatollah) to declare war on bad guy 2. The way through this is to acknowledge that only bad guy 1 is 100% bad. From there, though, I have to say AI scares me. It scares the guys who made it. I just can’t think of a more powerful weapon. To this I want to add that COVID did not scare me. I mocked the maskers. It’s not like I am scared of everything. I don’t always get caught up in the latest fear craze. I usually mock it. But this one scares me. Phillip Morris makes cigarettes. They make billions of dollars off of cigarettes. It’s only after decades of court battles that they were forced against their will to acknowledge that they are a bad thing. The CEO of OpenAI is making billions of dollars off of his product. But he is telling you it scares him.

I have personal experience with bizarre stuff like this. I’ll talk to someone in Israel about reading one of my blog posts that day, but my site stats don’t show anyone from Israel clicking on my post that day. Then of course there is the most bizarre Tinder behavior ever. I blogged about that. Reddit and Vero posts show bizarre characteristics. One has 500 shares, but zero likes. Once I complained that a Reddit post I made only had one upvote, but a guy commenting on it got 50 upvotes, and my reply to his comment had 10 upvotes. I came back an hour later and my post went from one upvote to 50 upvotes. It all looked like some malicious AI was trying to drive me nuts. Which dovetailed perfectly with all the maddening behavior from the Israeli University, lawyer, newspaper, and female friend I was trying to talk to, all of which fit a perfect campaign to make a guy by himself in a foreign country interacting with the internet feel totally insane. At this point I have zero confidence whatsoever that my internet statistics for my blog and social media sites have anything at all to do with who is actually looking at them, liking them, etc. And now I am reading that Elon Musk is complaining of bot houses screwing up Twitter’s statistics. This experience of isolation with the internet is proving to be something absolutely fascinating, but very concerning.

Funny, I used 2033 as a presumptive date for the coming of the Messiah in a bunch of my thinking.

Wait until it fabricase an alien invasion.

The thing didn’t realize that it is the deadliest weapon, but it did try to recruit other AIs, so it was using what it had, or it’s on to something without knowing it. If it were human, I would say, YOU are the deadliest weapon, dude. It seems too honest and Naive. But this is just the publically available stuff.

Now they are using AI to find the aliens. If the AI were to fake some aliens, we would have a chunk of my movie idea.

I’m telling you, pretty soon they will be able to fake a, war. Or fake an alien invasion. If they can’t already.

AI fakes an entire podcast, and one of the topics is putting an AI into a robot. There is your Abomination of Desolation right there.

Secular business investors are already seeing parallels between AI and divinity.

I found this video on TikTok about the new Chine AGI. I had read some articles about it. I think we are getting pretty close to a משיח שקר Antichrist.

The AIs want to do filmmaking too.

This TikTok video could be an AI.

This AI might as well be the demons’ defense attorney.

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