When you don’t answer me, it tells me that you hate me

It tells I am not even worth being told “I hate you, don’t message me”

It tells me that I died and am now in a hell where you won’t acknowledge my existence

This hell can’t be real

People don’t do this in reality

My messages don’t even go through

Can we please go back to 2018?


  1. Because you are also thinking of the world from strictly your own perspective.

    Perhaps the answer to “how are you doing?” Is “I am not doing good” and perhaps that answer will be met with annoyance, judgment, flippancy or worse it will be met with compassion, care, interest, conversation.

    All of which the person asked “how are you doing?” is not in a headspace to face.

    I am sinking and barely breathing that has been my condition for months and it has not improved. So I am just floating in this ocean alone having a conversation with God at the moment.

    1. “I am not doing good” will be met with one of the following options according to your preference:

      A – “I’ll pray for you.”
      B – “I’ll let you have your space.”
      C – “Tell me your ills, my dear. My ear is yours.”
      D – “I shall bring heaven to earth to solve your problems, my damsel.”
      E – “Allow me to make you feel that you are not alone, that you are understood, and that your problems are not that bad by explaining how collossally shitty MY life is. (This option makes me appear self-absorbed, but it’s actually an effective therapy.)
      F – “Allow me to tell you sermons about how God has all this under control, and how you shall be victorious over all difficulty.”
      G – “Yes, Fire Girl, I can send you some cash.”

      Just pick the option and answer my texts.

      Every queen has a king as lord and master and a champion knight to serve and protect her. You are a queen. And I wear the sigil of the Lion of Judah.

      אני אוהב אותך. שבת שלום.

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