Melting Blue Delicious

Hey there, Caterpillar, I’ve got a story for you
It’s going to come with a new nickname too
Noah has three nicknames, Chloe has five
You only have one, and something about that doesn’t jive
So I’m going to tell you a story about something rather auspicious
The spectacular zesty ever-so-tasty love-flavored melting blue delicious

It was a different time then, back in nineteen-ninety
My high school sweetheart was fifteen, I was two years shy of twenty
It was a fun time, having sex in traffic jams, getting high at parties
Should I tell my daughter this stuff now that I’m closing out my forties?
These days I want to share another concept of life in the land of plenty

She was blonde, with eyes of steel and blue
I inherited her from another guy like me
He was even weirder than I am, but she said he was hung like a tree
He had a nickname for her, and this is what I want to tell you
It was cute and cool, even if it came off kind of ridiculous
She was his love-flavored melting blue delicious

It was a name that came from a song
Lots of drums and guitars, silly, not very long
It wasn’t a swan song, but rather a Wild Swans song
The message was simple and direct, even rather incredulous
It was about a love-flavored melting blue delicious

I know there isn’t much to say about the color blue
That would describe anything physically about you
Only perhaps the sad shade of your mood’s blue hue
But looking at you, someone would something else construe
From your slender little bangin’ body
Your Hershey Kiss eyes that mesmerize everybody
That you’re a chocolate, caramel, honey-colored hottie

But when I get back, there is something I am going to do
I’m going to buy you a tattoo
It can be large or small, of anything you want, but it must be blue
This is how I am going to mark you
It’ll be outside the lines, an event rather ambitious
You’ll be my new love-flavored melting blue delicious

My high school sweetheart’s ex lost to me his girl
But the nickname remained the same
I’m going to give something else a whirl
I’m going to do something similar, but not ordinary or tame
That old girlfriend is long gone, but I am giving you her nickname
It’s an act of love and friendship, not inappropriate or vicious
To have in my life again a love-flavored melting blue delicious

So you can go out there and rock the nation without worry or tension
All the boys’ little firemen standing at attention
But you’ll have this mark on your body’s tissue
To put to rest any sadness from any lingering daddy issue
Now you’re a creature magical, unavailable to the superstitious
The world’s new and improved immortal melting blue delicious

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