Remember when you brought my daughter back to me?
Remember when you rode up to the Marriott
Pulling up in your up-jacked white SUV
When I was tearing what was left of my hair trying to muster a thought?
Without you, I’d be history
Locked away in a basement underneath Camelot
You’re the only one who’s never not been there for me

When my soul was engulfed by Dutch apathy
My little miss red riding wolf brought my dignity back to me
You calmed my broken heart with a hug and whiff of delta eight THC
And you gave me my kitty
I named her Devi
This is why I call you my bestie

A solitary black blood queen of hearts you sit there
In flowing white robes under midnight hair
Looking left and right, here and there
With only an ace of spades in your hand
No king or jack found in the land
Wondering where you stand, if it’s quicksand
The queen and her ace only add up to eleven
No wonder your life doesn’t feel like heaven
Guessing how you’ll eat with only a pocketful of leaven
But you have an old man with white beard
Your joker wild, your wizard weird
Casting away all thoughts afeard
So your song can be sung
Your game won

When I can get you on the phone
I can teach you how to ride a roan
You’re my Kitiara death knight dear
I’m your black-robed burgundy Raistlin Majere
The devil’s dusty demons to our dirge will dance
At the blood-tipped point of our dragon lance

I never figured out how to be a man
But, dear Wendy, I’m your Peter Pan
I’ll take you high, into the sky
With a fleet of King Messiah’s Pegasi
From sleepless nights to sunny days
Myriad are my myrmidon ways
Yours is the secret lore of the last jedi
All you have to do is ring me up and say hi

Happy birthday my most beloved friend
I’m with you until the bitter end

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