The Star of the Show

Angels cheer in the bar
An angel cheers in the bathtub

A blonde with her popcorn sitting on the floor
Watching it all on TV
Like she has for two years, going on three
Like she will forevermore

Not unlike X-23
Off on adventures without old man Logan
Doing things that have nothing to do with me
Abandonment is God’s new slogan
So with my nose in a book, I study

The courts have done what we knew they would
In that far-off godless country
It’s been long understood
But will they stop investigating me?
They’ve never accomplished anything good
At least I don’t have to report directly
I’m wandering around my own neighborhood
No need to surveil me so oppressively

The absence of satanic retardation
From that most infernal nation
Can finally grant some serenity
To approach the situation with clarity
Without bumbling machination
Of some clandestine unit’s observation
Who never understood anything
Despite reading and seeing everything
So they can go wrap their rectums around a tree
While I continue silently

I hope you’ve enjoyed the show
It’s time for you to go
I’m just making angels in Sonoran snow
There’s nothing here for you to see
I’ve got my army beside me
They’ll guide me protectively
So it won’t be so hard to distinguish a friend from an enemy

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