The Promethean

When he opens his mouth for some idle chatter
Their pulses race; their hearts go pitter patter
The horrific idea of their souls going splatter
As if he didn’t see clearly, knowing what was the matter

Their infernal guides put their fingers in each ear
Protecting the kine from whatever they might hear
Knowledge, love – concepts that should be dear
They scamper away like skittish deer

The hatred grows every time he uses his power
Minute by minute, hour by hour
If they don’t disappear, their smiles turn sour
Better to live locked in blind ignorance’s tower

Lay all the traps, make him a pariah
Rope him into an argument about the Messiah
They do it all while singing hallelujah
Once they’ve shut him up, that’s when they’ll screw ya

“Run away! He’s got his hand on his cock!”
“Chain him tight to that there rock!”
“Don’t let him get to our lemming flock!”
“Just make sure he doesn’t talk!”

The border agents are under their control
The judges are under their control
The investigators are under their control
The journalists are under their control

He’ll never have the chance to face his accuser
He won’t even know they paint him as an abuser
A self-absorbed, arrogant, narcissistic drug user
Or whatever new words they’ve come up with for “loser”

This is what you get for bringing fire to mankind
A Titan in Tartarus babbling at the blind
Who unleash hungry gryphons on whoever they might find
Because it’s hard to hear the truth when the truth is unkind


  1. That was amazing Jon, I wish I was more scholary like you… I’ll have to settle for the gifts, that we’re given, lol

  2. Your website never fails to amaze me. What a wonderful, inspiring and well crafted piece

    1. Well, thanks…

      I think I am transitioning between years of yearning for something that doesn’t exist to a number of expressions of negativity. That is, the yearning for the imaginary thing ultimately resulted in a holy mission. Having received the mission, it’s important to express the need for the mission: the world sucks (to put it shortly). So these things I am writing, like this poem, I am not sure what would make you call it “inspiring.” Like, I think by the end of this period people are gonna be “okay, you can lighten up now, Bailey…” However, first you receive the task, then you identify shortfalls, obstacles, difficulties, then you bring about solutions. I’m in the pitfall, obstacle, and shortcoming phase.

      This poem was actually inspired by the travails of a Christian friend of mine wanting to do ministry and having difficulty gaining traction. Of course I drew from my own attitudes and experiences. It wouldn’t be a Jonathan Bailey original without a bunch of arrogant narcissist or whatever. It’s a “you can’t fly like an eagle when you’re surrounded by turkeys” poem. I’m glad you liked it, but I’m shocked you’d call it “inspiring.”

      1. Yes your piece is inspiring. The way you were able to craft a piece with such imagery, and I love the use of rhyme with your end words. Your piece is inspiring because it give me something to aim towards in regards to writing. I would love to be able to write pieces that are well crafted and have as many elements as this does.

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