This will bookend a poetic collection
It wouldn’t have been complete without a little introspection
But I am just so sick of whining and stressing over rejection
After this, a new direction

I’m sorry I ever saw you
I’m sorry I ever went to your house
I’m sorry I ever sent a text
I’m sorry I did speed
I’m sorry I went to Tarshish
I’m sorry I didn’t understand anything

I just have to finish what I found out I have to do in the meantime
I’m happy to avoid enemies and intend to commit no crime
I’m tired of being investigated and speculated about like a patch of toxic slime
I’m changing what I do with my day and how I spend my time

You didn’t forgive
You didn’t heal
You didn’t help
You didn’t explain
You didn’t smile
You didn’t yell

I’ll never know what was real
Or what I was supposed to feel
But I’ll do my job; I’ll heal
I’ll concentrate on breaking the seventh seal

I didn’t let your silence diminish my picture of you
I didn’t say the right things; I just wrote my thoughts to the sky
I didn’t stay faithful to God
I didn’t read the signs correctly
I didn’t put my hope into the right thing
I didn’t consider the power of my enemy

I’ve already said everything that can be said
There is nothing left to wait for in this nightmare of the dead
I felt so much better when you weren’t in my head
I have important things to think about instead

This is my heartfelt effort to block you from my soul
This is the last thing I intend to write about you
This is my plea to God for deliverance
This is my flight into new country
This is the last poem of the collection
This is the end

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