Stubborn Child

So this song has been playing constantly every time you get in the car. No matter what radio station you have on. You’ve been telling everybody how you can’t stop yourself from imagining MJ saying that to you. No, Jonathan, MJ did not call your local radio stations and dictate their playlists. I just had to rip that bandaid right off. Hate to break it to you.

I control all things, including the radio schedules, and I arranged for that song to be popular right now and to be drilling into your head every five minutes. Somehow you managed to not get the hint that maybe you should go easy on someone. I don’t know how. You literally hear the song ten times a day. You tell everyone it sounds like something she would say, if your delusion were real, yet you couldn’t go easy on her. You decided to write a raging poem instead. You just couldn’t shut up. In the Army, toward the end, they lectured you about the benefit of waiting after you write an e-mail before hitting “send”. You didn’t listen to them either. That made things difficult at the end. Stress hasn’t been your strongpoint.

The way things have worked out has been a complete violation of the law of probability. That’s how you know I am involved. Everyone is doing exactly what I want them to. No, that does not mean that they are acting in accordance with my will. I’ll handle them. It does mean that fighting against this is going to be fighting against me. You’ve been doing that for two years, and you have lost.

Everything that will happen is going to take place on my time and for my purposes. I can’t say at this time that this travesty is at an end, but for you it needs to be. There is nothing for you to do. There is nothing to expect from anyone else. You’re on the fire wall. You’re at the starting gate. If you can’t get through this, you’re not going to make it. You need your mind under your control.

You thought that with a ninety-minute conversation you were going to change the world. You were wrong. So you can relax and leave all this behind. There is nothing left to gain or accomplish. You got the mission. And you got the sign that you asked for to know which way to go. As for the rest of it, you picked up a weakness in 2012, and the whole ordeal has just been the enemy exploiting that weakness. He failed. You got your mission and your sign. That’s really all there is to take from it all.

Now you can just tip your hat, smile, and ride on down your road.


Your roan

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