Red White Blue

Crash landing
Laying in bed or staring while standing
There is no key in my pocket
Ring the doorbell, hope someone will unlock it
Bleeding away anxiety
When it’s gone, what will be left of me?

The winter she-wolf hunting in snow
Drooling in hunger, where will she go?
What scent will she smell
In this treeless and leafless snowy white hell?
She said she called Miss Joy’s mother and was blocked
That path is apparently locked
The wolf has run away silent
Alone, enslaved to a hunger violent

The devil’s job is done
I know how; I know why
How can I fail to acknowledge he has won?
My home is far away above the sky
I look here below for brothers and sisters, but see none
I could just end my days chilling out, getting high
That’s what everybody does for fun
They don’t have to worry, they don’t have to cry
Since they don’t live looking into the barrel of a gun
Everything looks rosy until they die

No attachments; nothing but freedom
Purveying this sinking kingdom
The infernal sovereignty is tiresome
Walking the road of deaf enemies
No exhilarating energies
No invigorating synergies
No Dutch lovelies

Chilling out, waiting for the asteroid
The allure from any given cannabinoid
Thrown in the trash is my word
Hated, ignored, unheard
The imperative to go to the world’s end
To that little patch of coast where I cannot claim a friend
It’s a good thing that “alone”
Rhymes with “roan”

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