The Nine Inch Nail

She doesn’t care about you
She is like her family
She is not the good Samaritan
She does what all the others do
You are not in her family
Her purpose was to show you a charlatan
To not do what you need her to
To show no love for an enemy
To drive the last nail in that coffin

You are crap on her shoe
Or some other kind of rancorous goo
That is how she has treated you

Her secrets and lies will always be more important
How long will you let her make you impotent?
Find another field to walk around in
Drive the last nail in that coffin

This is going to change the shape of the book
It will give it a different look
A new story will grab you with a hook
After you drive the last nail in that coffin
Other things will happen
Go back to your nook

Dying in an asteroid impact
Would have a better impact
Than trying to be faithful to some kind of pact
With someone who does not exist
Cease and desist
Begin to and cease to resist

If you want to move forward
Drive the last nail in that coffin
And figure out how to move onward
Or just go around the mountain
It doesn’t have to be awkward
Just give evil its win

It’s just another battle
Don’t let it scare you with its rattle
You act like this is something odd
Has this kind of thing ever thrown you from the saddle?
Have you forgotten that the war belongs to God?

You can let her know your door is open always
But know you’ll never hear anything
She will always cow to the most frightening
That’s how they all spend their days

You were a teenager when you learned it takes strength to be good
Tooling around with your mom in your Highland Park neighborhood
But now you’ve got a new environment to tool around in
Drive the last nail in that coffin
But don’t forget that your barrio isn’t exactly Mexico
You may someday yet have some other place to go
You’ve made your heart and your land a house of the dead
Turn your attention to Safed

I’ve told you fifty freaking times to let her go
Don’t you think I know?
Drive the last nail in the coffin
Get your head out of the oven it’s stuck in

Yes, all the crap with the songs was true
None of it means she will have anything to do with you
She may have had all the feelings in the world for you
But it didn’t control what she was going to do
Jonathan, it’s through

Let this knowledge give you another perspective
See if you can receive any other directive
If not, remember, you live by the beach
Concentrate on that which is within reach

Trust me, you have no obligation
To a figment of imagination
Even if that imagination was a revelation
Of some machination in another nation

No one expects anyone to have any impact
When there is no contact
Tell me, did you sign some sort of contract?
Drive the last nail in that coffin
That’s when things will finally open
You’ll have your head on straight only then
Click your heels one, two, three
Open your ears and listen to me
Forget the coast and think about Galilee

Women don’t come through
This is something you already knew
What the hell is wrong with you?
Just give the devil his due
And drive on through
Yeah, what she said in the songs was true
Has this revelation changed a thing for you?

You wrote her a novel
She answered with silence
Now tell me that isn’t emotional violence
The silence will persist no matter how much you grovel

There are seven billion average people in the world
Why don’t you give the idea that she is one of them a whirl?
She is only a girl

I’m not going to say it again
Drive the last nail in that coffin

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