I wish I could be happier for you
You were supposed to be my inspiration
I should let my memory of you define what I do
Instead of wallowing in disappointment and desolation

When you read everything, you’ll know the situation
Don’t let scraps from the internet cause you to judge me too
Because I’m singing with angels in a holy convocation
What you see is just a public peekaboo
There is more to this than ranting about damnation
I’m not some hopeless cuckoo

Wait to see what came out of the experiment in voodoo
Don’t let each incremental step cause any consternation
With everyone telling you I am a worthless yahoo
You might be tempted to join them in collaboration
And don’t let them tell you what I mean when I say I love you
This should be a matter of your own contemplation

Satan is hoping that time will deliver the denigration
Of a destiny that has nothing to do
With a teenager’s defloration
So when a public persona’s lovelessness deflates you
I bid you the patience to wait for my exculpation
Because even if you’re with your boyfriend enjoying tea for two
This isn’t over until the world has faced the source of salvation

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