Stream of Consciousness Before Bed

I had something to say, and didn’t say it
I had something to do, and didn’t do it
I had a place to be, and I left
So I will die down south in Jethro’s tent
While Pharaoh fucks my wife

My people are so few and far between
Each of us may as well be in our own world
Everyone everywhere all the time works against us
Christian pastors, heroin dealers, Dutch businessmen, there is no difference

There is nothing I can do – I blew it
The only way I can make sense of it is to just forget about it
It’s what the devil wants, and it’s what I am going to do
Because God won’t have it any other way

So I crawl around on the anthill watching everything
I already knew about everything
I can’t do anything about anything
I wonder how it would have been different if she had let me talk to her
And drift away to the familiar realization

That I am being pulled into the undertow of the endless abyss of maybe

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