The Chief is Still Around

OG: Hey. You doing okay?

Chief: I’m doing okay. Hope you are well.

OG: I experienced another attack of piranha women. Read “Blood in the Water”.

Chief: Huh. Interesting. Sure thing. Thanks.

[after a few minutes of reading]

Your piranha women experience is unfortunate. The larger piranha phenomenon is essentially the problem of social media. Once upon a time, the body of water was limited to the old buddies on the corner or the boys at the pub gossiping about who done what. That function is now a mainline hazard for every single person who operates on social media. That’s the primary reason why I dropped all my participation. Either for temptation to engage, or because of being swarmed by piranhas.

OG: Well, for me, it’s a matter of pattern. I was destroyed by women in 2005 (Iraqi terp; read the book), 2011 (the medusae of the 201st Battlefield Surveillance Brigade), 2019 (van Ouwerkerks), 2022 (Alabama), and 2023 (this thing you just read). The 2011 experience made the whole thing a PTSD trigger, which contributed to the subsequent problems with women becoming extinction level events. Why did this happen? It’s my pattern. I pattern my life after John the Baptist and Elijah. Who was Elijah’s great enemy? Jezebel. The most fundamental archetype for evil women in all of human history and literature. How did John the Baptist die? He was beheaded to please a teenaged princess. I am just living according to my ordained pattern. This doesn’t mean I hate women or think women are bad. It just means my life follows a certain pattern.

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