Onions have layers
This is a phrase that finds frequent space in my mind
As I pedal my Roubaix through routes of Hollywood corporate power players
Trying to keep my eye on whatever diamonds I may find

They say LA is this mecca of art and expression
But for many it’s a bathtub of Paxil that doesn’t alleviate depression
Or really a lesson in making a course correction
For a new plan of attack, from a completely different direction

In this day and age, it’s so difficult to discern what may be true
After so many e-mails sent, so many words spoken
Was any actual communication conveyed between me and you?
Or with a smile and a wink was all communication broken?

The sun came out at dawn today
But there was no lunch with the assistant at CAA
But had there been one
Would anything have gotten done?
Would I have known what to say?

Am I more upset that my book proposal didn’t capitalize on a trend?
Or that I lost an opportunity to make a new friend?
Still stuck here with my volleyball Wilson until the bitter fucking end
Wondering what to put in the next e-mail before I click “send”


  1. Unfortunately in this world it is who you know that is more important than what you know at least in the beginning of a relationship.

    1. I may have picked an uphill battle. In this city, in the entertainment industry, everyone is trying to become known, and everyone is trying to know somebody to help them do that. I can’t say it’s the same all the time in every situation everywhere here, but I am definitely learning the lesson about the “unsolicited contact.” I’m not trying to get famous, sell anything, get rich, etc. I just want to tell a story about some famous people, for free, and I want the story to be one they want told. I’m finding that the way Hollywood protects itself from the unsolicited contact is making it difficult to ask the people I want to write about if they want me to write about them and what they want me to say. In the end, it’s hard to meet anyone, whether for work purposes, or just to freaking meet anyone at all, in an industry that is designed to protect itself from meeting anyone.

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