The Jared Leto Question

Morbius had so many great elements. The effects making the jumping look like flying were so original. The redefinition of Morbius into a kind of bat guy Spiderman mirror was very cool. Leto’s acting was fine. The problem was the organization of the story and plot development. The idea of a self-hating anti-hero is just so tired. Anne Rice milked absolutely everything there was to milk out of it. As did White Wolf’s Vampire: the Masquerade tabletop RPG. But most of the public doesn’t know anything about those sources, so I can’t explain why they didn’t like it other than that the spirits who own them have no more patience for the sinful hero. It’s just too religious. Too Jewish. Otherwise it can only be called Superhero fatigue. There is something to that, but the Flash is going to crush it. So that’s not a perfect explanation. So, no more origin stories, I guess. Morbius to me came off like a really original cinematographic movie with a story that I’ve seen a thousand times with the motif of the blood-drinking hero not really presented to a depth that really did anything for anybody.

But in the end, one thing is for sure, Leto’s acting was not warranting of a razzie. Maybe God just wanted to show the guy humility. He should come to Amman and try to enter Israel. That will teach humility.

But while I talk about the humility I learn here stuck in the desert outside the gates of the holy land, I tell you I could give you the mother of all Morbius sequels. I dungeonmastered Vampire the Masquerade for a decade. And I’m a theologian. I can tell you everything there is to know about the sinful protagonist. Not only have I studied it all my life, but I am one.

But isn’t it arrogant of me to say that?

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