Puerto Arista

The end of the road
The edge of the world

Sweet solace
Dreamland embrace
If anyone needs me
Send a captain of fifty

I have forgotten the taste of success
Every choice made under duress
My enemies are without number
They prod me when awake, and when I slumber
More than there are stars in the sky
I ask my God why

I might have to trek to your lands
Mezuzah tucked tightly between my hands
In order to nail it to a pillar of ice and salt and tightly packed sands
Where the judges and officers are moral brigands
I don’t even want to; at this point it’s just a hunch about cryptic divine commands

You ask for a sign of friendship from a far-off brother
I’d burst into a cloud of roses as your friend or lover
But I need your help to transcend this druther
If I try to claim you as a friend
My myriad enemies will bring me to my end

Your silence persists for years
Despite my hoarse wailing and oceans of tears
I’ve already said everything I can to assuage your fears
You have to speak to me
It’s the only way it can be
I tell you these words verily

You evince these insecurities
Drowning in trivialities
Unaware of other realities
Unable to see the forest for the trees

I could give you an explanation
But I’m in another nation
With nary a choice of avenue
No way to get to you
My path soaked in crimson hue

This may sound like hate
But you can reach out to me, or you’ll just have to wait
A cruel mistress is this lady called fate
I know, the hour is late
But if I come anywhere near you, my enemies wipe me from the slate

First of February, two thousand four
Patriots vs. Panthers
32-29 was the final score
The Panthers were beautiful, gorgeous, spectacular wind dancers
But by the third quarter, God had closed the door
They just couldn’t accept the angels’ answers
So what were those Panther power plays for?

An earthquake, a tidal wave, an asteroid, a chariot of fire
It’s all the same to me
I have no energy, no will, no desire
If anyone wants me, send a captain of fifty

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