The Empty Chair

I really wanted to see the look in your chestnut eyes
When I told you things that would come as a surprise
And hear the words leaving your lips of cherries
Your comments on my saga with mad Dutch Israelis

I don’t have the strength for macabre games
Women who do things with ulterior aims
Did you do this because you are insecure?
Are you trying to establish dominance?
Do I need to do something to make you feel more sure?
Or do I need to wear a collar in subservience?
Or should I just understand that I am unimportant?
And turn my attention to a seat not vacant?

What should I do with you, Ena Mijalković⁩?
You sour patch gummy bear ice cream sandwich
Your mother said romance later turns into friendship
But I think friendship must precede any notion of courtship
You’re smart, you’re weird, your beautiful and intriguing
But frustration and deflation don’t produce a red rose feeling

I’m just straight up an innocent little baby
A kitten, purring, a fur ball, simple and honest
If there’s milk in the dish I’ll lap it up like gravy
But bones on a plate will be gnawed by a tiger, hungry and famished

I’m looking for advice on which direction to go
Wary of being consumed by Belgrade’s undertow
There are too many things that I think I need to know
To move forward and onward, and to grow
To make sure your city doesn’t turn into Mexico
It’s too rainy and foggy here to order a mojito
To spend life making angels in Serbian snow

I was hoping today that you’d be there
But instead I ate in front of an empty chair
Supposing you just didn’t care
Wondering what there was to compare
With my MJ’s splendorous golden hair

This isn’t coincidence
These little incidents
There is always a test
To choose the path that’s best
To put faith in a lady friend who isn’t friendly
And to love the daughter of my brother my enemy

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