The Magnificent Seven

Just when I cried that the road was closed
The path was hosed
That I couldn’t see a way ahead
The dream was dead
You filled my head with the cure for dread

Kaminetsky had an important message for me
They won’t open the gates for a nobody
Seek the succor of the magnificent seven
The new apostles with their messages from heaven
They might just get me where I need to go
I suppose I can subscribe to IMDb Pro

Chris Terrio
Ben Affleck
Zack Snyder
Joel Cohen
David Lynch
Darren Aronofsky
Quentin Tarantino


  1. Get busy living or get busy dying. All the while, hope that you leave something in your children. Somewhere in there is the interconnections between people.
    Not sure if the poem is trying to capture that, but the interview got my attention.
    Somewhere in there is the cure for dread, too.

    1. This isn’t a part of our challenge. I may have to table that for the weekend. This is frustration from every quarter not making me shrink and go away, but double down. Satan wants to take my poetry book out of publication? I’ll make blockbuster movies instead. Which is why I am not going to be able to get to poetry for a few days. Because I need an English manuscript of this book along with a number of my story ideas that I have, and I have some zingers, to start making contact with other media types. Big ones.

      Satan didn’t want the Apostle Paul to talk to anyone. So they threw him in jail. He couldn’t talk to people from jail, so he wrote letters instead. Then people started circulating them. So he got the idea to be a writer. And during the end of his life and mission, which was predominantly spent in prison, his effect was not diminished at all. I think half his epistles, and all of the later ones, were written from jail. He has talked to more people through those letters than he ever would have otherwise.

      It’s a roll with the punches, go big or go home, turn little league discouragement into major league plays kind of poem.

      But I need to head to the store and get back and do another chapter. I did watch your Transcendence video. It was cool. But I have some other stuff to get done, so I may comment less for the next couple of days. I love you giving me the opportunity to offer narrative commentary on my stuff. But I have to focus on work product this week. The first part of the week I was on the ropes.

      1. I hope you get some progress toward your goals. They sure seem lofty. Looking forward to the next conversation.

      2. You said it yourself. Get busy living or get busy dying. You know that song “Lose Yourself” by Eminem. There is no chance for a happy life as an accountant. They aren’t giving me that choice. I’m on 8-mile. I applied to college and got rejected. So it’s a trailer park or a rap star. Satan owns Israel. Only rich, famous big dogs get there, apparently. I was not given the option of aiming low.

        If Satan had fucked with me a little less, my goals would be lower. I said when I was stressed, God’s gotta show up sometime. When he does, that’s it.

      3. It’s amazing how much a plain-old janitor can accomplish, given the philosophical nature of pushing an idiot-stick. I’ve been tempted to such mundanity so many times over the years, I’ve lost count. And I find myself there right now, contemplating dropping all of it for an apartment, a broom and a buttload of paper and pens.

  2. I also have not seen the modern Magnificent 7. This is what I am rectifying tonight. A bottle, smoke and the movie. The opening is rather powerful.

    1. I’ll do that too. But remember, the magnificent seven are magnificent no matter what this movie is like. Because it was based on the older version. And the older version was based on Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai. And Seven Samurai was based on Japanese folk tales. The magnificent seven are like Robin Hood. More than any single movie or story or telling of a story or legend. Almost a Jungian archetype. I haven’t seen that movie either. But the reference wasn’t really based on the movie. It’s a reference to any given seven badass bastards earning their honor by being champions.

      1. By the way, one of my magnificent seven is Zack Snyder, one of my favorite filmmakers, who is currently working on a Netflix science fiction film based on none other than: Seven Samurai. I’ll call his production company and ask them if he would be willing to actually be one of the characters that inspired him to make a movie. Because some dipshit poet in Belgrade who loved Batman vs. Superman needs some pointers on how to get an idea turned into a film.

      2. I finished The Magnificent Seven tonight. It was a beautiful story. Reminiscent of the Samurai legacy. But I walk away dissatisfied, because it does not echo in eternity. Much like Russel Crowe’s line in Gladiator, there is a passion and a transcendence in the words and the story in which they are employed. Sacrifice is built into the schema of human existence, but in this, and other stories (Last Samurai, Magnificent Seven, Gladiator, etc.) mortality is an open-ended problem. These are attempts, failed, to breach the eternal. And therein is my disappointment. We will not find occasion to obtain the eternal in these stories.

    2. Three Amigos meet Eastwood, meet Desperado, meet 5 Rings and The Last Samurai, add some legit culture and a fantastic lay of scenes. This is a good flick.

    1. Why? Because of cancel culture? I’ve already said every nasty thing I could say. I’ve already told every secret I have. I don’t depend on the false front of civility that nobody really has.

      Because of paparazzi? Let them take pictures of me jacking off. I’ll recite platitudes while doing it. They’ll get great headlines. I’ll get an audience. Remember the thread of complaint in the book, that everybody seems to want nobody to talk to Jonathan Bailey. Because if they did, they might learn something. If I have to have tabloids making videos of me taking a dump to do that, I can do it. That’s how I’ve been made.

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