For ten years
In the Army I maintained a Top Secret security clearance
This should tell you that I know how to maintain appearance
Of typical, day-to-day, common life observance

For eight years
I swore the vow of upholding the ecclesiastical seal of the penitent
So even if you told me you were planning to enact your evil intent
Even if not snitching would get me arrested by the government
Your secret with me would be a sacred sacrament

For five years
I’ve rabidly bellowed on the electric waves of the World Wide Web
From the parks of San Francisco to the streets of Zagreb
Talking out my backside like a foul-mouthed pleb

For two years
I’ve desperately needed to talk to you
Do you stay silent because of what you think I might say or do?
Yes, I hate lying, and am committed to that which is true
But I could never shame you like some prattle mouth cockatoo

For all eternity
I give you every drop of all my love and protection
Every secret of yours will be will have me as noble patron
Betraying your confidence would cause me endless devastation
So please don’t let my transparency cause you any consternation
Don’t let it prevent you from being my psychological salvation

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