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Pfizer says it has a COVID-19 pill that will cut hospitalization and death risk by 90%.

Only if it’s Pfizer. All kinds of treatments for COVID have been out there, but this one is big pharma. Yep. Now you see the money game.

Further, do you think this COVID cure is going to stop the mask and vaccination mandates? Here you have it, folks. This pill turns COVID into the flu. But you’re still going to have to get your shots, bought with your tax dollars from Pfizer, in order to keep your job. To be able to buy a sandwich. Yep. Now you see the politics game.

And after all this, I still see you on Facebook passionately advocating your slavery. Calling it “science”. What hope for you is there? And how do I get you to stop enslaving me with your delusion?

In Mexico, the government doesn’t require masks. Businesses just do that now. People just do that now. It’s just the way it is. Yup. Now you see the social game.

So let’s see things go back to normal now that COVID is just a flu. You guys think it will happen?

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