Hail Mary

I just saw some new songs
It looks like I am going to have to right a few wrongs
Have no fear
I’ll be in your hemisphere
Later in the year
My dear

First, I have to write my story
Full of tragedy and very gory
But it’s ultimately the story
Of how this comes to glory
So please don’t fall to despair or hate
And please forgive me for running late

Don’t forget to pray for me
So we can make this what it should be
Of course I love you
And of course I forgive you
And your daddy too
You’re all in my prayers and will see what they do

I know I’m the craziest
For falling in love with a playlist
But somebody out there will get the gist
And will call to me through boggy mist
And a divine moment of serendipity
Will turn insanity into reality

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