For the Love of a Dutch Girl

You ask me where is the love?
I can’t live in this world without you
Because when push comes to shove
There is nothing left to do
Except write a book about it all

Near, far, wherever you are
I can only wish upon a shooting star
That you’ll just let me give you a call
And that you’ll let me hop in a plane and into a car
Or even a spaceship if the voyage is interstellar

To come to you and show you how much I love you

I know how Jesus feels about the tragedy of it all
When people who say they love him never call
Because the people around them have made them their thrall
That’s where we are as of today
We are a pattern of love stuck in a mothball

I could be for you some kind of bizarre intergenerational lover
I could be your uncle unrelated to your father or your mother
I could be a companion who will stand by you until the bitter end
I could be just a contact for when you need advice from a Facebook friend

What I can’t be is alive without your acceptance and approval
When you ask me why I am not happy and friendly and loving
It’s because I can’t look at this world without thinking of removal
From this realm so intent on preventing anything good from happening
Caught in the undertow of ignorance, hatred, and rampant hysteria

So I am sitting here in Mexico’s summer thunderstorms writing this book
I am writing it as a method of catching you with a hook
With the hope that someone may read it and understand my pain
And maybe they’ll seek you out and convince you to call me
So my tears can finally stop falling like rain


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