Inanity of Sanity

The interminable fever dreams of the silky clad nymph have run their course to expire
Frustration and uncertainty arrive with penetrating waves to finally quell desire

Life resumes her rhythms and courses around the globe without recourse to any particular land
The tower of ideas tumbles earthward as gusts of familiarity eat at her legs like a hungry ocean of sand.

Glimpses of the beyond organize themselves into memories of psychosis or are merely forgotten
Glee resumes her orbit around the heart as eyes turn away from noetic treasures ill-gotten

Purpose rears her captivating visage bearing delightful gifts plucked from the distant past
The rusted scaffolding of the self is draped in wondrous tapestry depicting glories long passed

A single seat osculates motionlessly the occulted star chamber of prophets
Destiny draws her curtain to reveal the sumptuous fruits of cornucopia’s banquets

Ennui makes her entrance with familiar pods of sharks lurking wistfully in waters of flesh
The procession of years loses the savor of distinction with the rejection of that which is fresh

Scars have woven an impenetrable matrix of many splendored glinting spiritual armor
The threaded pulse of listlessness begins to march decidedly through veins with yesterday’s ardor

Yet there is no message passed down from on high about the rigors of events from far futures
No words escape the mouth rendered closed by the steel cables of sanity’s sutures

Back to the drawing board
Pull the rip cord

See what happens

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