The Village Girls

The village girls stand in the street
Hiking up their camel toes
Rehearsing their Tik Tok videos
Checking out their bare midriffs

Their mouths defecate interminable blather
Every man who smiles at them is an attacker
They giggle about it and imagine themselves desirable
This is how they convince themselves they are princesses

They primp and prune their eyebrows and apply colors and waxes
They spend their daddy’s money on their miniskirts and g-strings
Until nobody knows whether the reflection or the body is more real
Tattoos slide down the thigh, scant pubic hair forms a landing strip

Someone whistles
Someone else makes a cat call
Still another pats a bottom
Out comes the cell phone
It’s time to alert the media
The police are on their way

The dude reading his newspaper is carted away
Shouldn’t have smiled at the village girl
If that’s what he was doing in the first place
The new #metoo world order
Isn’t it wonderful who we have elected queen?

Nobody wants you
Nobody likes you
Get over yourself
They were nice to you
Because you were there
It was a mistake


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