Gazing Upward

I stand before you enveloped in undulating waves
Weaving like flickering tongues my scarlet himation of shame
Like a moth bobbing in a sparkling daisy chain of an immolating daze
Before an inevitable and unquenchable yet purifying flame

Crowned a sagacious teacher of the ancients for the ancient of days
With a curriculum drafted from observation and participation in eons of failure
For only from the sundry depths of the quagmire of futility and despair
Can I contemplate the splendid and luminescent geometry of your unfathomable ways

The dragon’s internecinal tail intertwined intimately with the morass of my intestines
The twin maws of the winter wolf and the woodland fox tearing into my empty hands
I am wrenched into a wedding ring wrapped tightly around my savior’s finger
Ever eternally clueless of the arrival of the next chicane for which I am destined
Which carries me through haunted crags destitute of wisdom for navigating these savage lands
And wholly incognizant of the currents of the deep abyss in which I have been fated to linger

Yet with each saunter down the inside of Mordor’s volcanic mountain
I fear that less of the scaffolding you have erected within my brain
Will have the stalwart integrity or the wry temerity to remain
Unless I receive a drink from the knowledge flowing from your infinite fountain

The newer pages of lectures written within my tattered tome of the hierophant
Bear ever more frequently an uncanny resemblance to those written in days of old
Intended as blueprints for the Merkava of seraphim wrought of finely crafted gold
They produce instead the meandering drudgery of a blind and trunkless elephant

No one in this grey and leafless valley of perdition wants to hear
And if they deigned to lend their ear, they wouldn’t understand
I have to become something quite different and far greater than I am
To even behold the prospect of shepherding anyone through this ill-fated sand
So, I suffer the interminable hissing of their insincere sneer

The requisite exquisite chrysalis allegedly emerges from of a victory from opposing factions
Yet heretofore my life has metamorphosized into a chasm of chiasm
My consciousness is merely a window of battling forces external
How do I request which one of these finally and effectively claim regency of my actions
To wrest free from the relentless undertow in a climactic metaphysical orgasm
To take a place in the workings of the intricate astrolabe of the eternal

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