The Bubble of You

In these last days, when my body’s own adrenaline
Causes a cup of coffee to hit me like methamphetamine
And I have no idea what I am to do
My hope is that the breeze will bring me just one bubble of you

The dogs of hell bereaved me of my padawan
With a cough, a rolling of their eyes, and a waving of a magic wand
The padawan I never had
Who I only miss because I’m mad

If only they knew
Of the decades I’ve spent waiting for you

Fire girl

Water boy
In her hands he’d be a toy
But she wants a rider
Who wiggles and jiggles and tickles inside her
Should they go ahead and eat the fly?
And finally die?
Carried into the heavens above
Like holly berries in the mouth of a dove
For now they wait until they’re old and over the hill
After his doctor has told him he is no longer healthy enough for sildenafil

We have to stand guard over the breach in the wall
If we don’t, the city will fall
We are the last generation
Of our otherworldly nation

No one will come after us

In these long and plodding years, you are my only comfort
For my thousand times crushed, trampled, eviscerated heart
When I am alone on cold days I look into the sky
To find that Hershey Kiss swimming in marshmallow that is your loving eye
Hidden in a glistening bubble of you
It is this with which I make do

If only my bubble of you weren’t one of thousands
The others saving castaways on their lonely islands
If only you weren’t the lynchpin for myriad hearts
The salve for everyone’s emotional warts
The healing
From the consequences of our infernal wheeling and dealing

How can I ever repay you for being God’s most beautiful creature
For showing me physically and spiritually every divine feature
It’s been so long since you were my lover
Yet I’m so blessed to count you my immortal celestial sister

I wish I were your Alpha Team leader
But I’m just an absent-minded professor
With a more than a dash of psychosis
Engendered of ideological thrombosis
Inhaled through an oil lamp lit by flames of desperation
My thoughts now the swamp of an unholy convocation
The Great Failer
A prophet named Jonah turned into a whaler

Destiny harpooned

I will always love you howsoever I am able
We’ll soon sit souls entwined at our good king’s table
We’ll sit across from the Dutch youngling
Finally able to figure out what the fuck we were thinking

The dogs of hell can’t silence us in heaven

But our mission here below isn’t over
It isn’t time to cross over, red rover, red rover
Even if destiny has been destroyed, we still have to watch and learn
Even if that means our hearts must for a few more decades yearn
My reunion with you is the most important thing on my docket
Until then I have my bubble of you in my pocket

Because your kiss, your kiss, is on my list
Because your kiss, your kiss, I can’t resist
Because your kiss is what I miss when I turn on the lights

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