Campeona de la Ciudad

Noah’s ark has sailed
That endeavor failed
If God wants me in the Holy Land
He’ll have to outstretch his mighty hand
This is no cause for a conniption
It was just a matter of transcription

Until he can conjure a personal elf
There are places he won’t go by himself
Therefore, he will have to find himself a partner
Perhaps by creating a little art for her
Or maybe he will just put money on the table
Certainly, she will go with him if he makes her able
After all, where he is at, a little money talks a lot
But would it turn him into Sir Lancelot?

The dogs of hell took little Athena
Again, saying he was too old
But really, they just wanted her locked in their plaza
So, all by themselves they could feast upon her soul

Typical story, apparently
I yawn at their comedy
Long ago I’d had enough
Now I’m just bored with the stuff

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