Witch House

I can already feel the retreat of the stress
No longer reeling from Jezebel’s duress
There is no need for your open letter
I’m already feeling better
All it takes is an advance to the rear
And my Halloween is already over, my dear
Your tight little ass is temporary
It doesn’t entice me
You have nothing else to offer
I have other treasures in my coffer

Feel free to continue your infernal oblations
Secure in your matriarchy
Boys bowing to sniff your vaginal secretions
Your demons temporarily free of me
I’m called to other locations
You’ll never see the sefirot in my tree
Dizzy from your pelvic gyrations
Go back to opening your legs for everybody
No trace of the spirit of the holy nations
Covered in prophets’ blood, you see

I’ve already forgotten more tantrism than you’ll ever know
You’ll never go where I’ve been, much less where I’m going to go
I won’t have to hear your sermons about breath work
Prancing around in your snakeskin panties while you twerk
Delighted in your freedom to be a ho

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  1. In an interview with Joe Rogan recently, Elon Musk said the area of San Francisco around the headquarters of “X” looks like a Zombie apocalypse, the end of civilization. Symptoms abound. It’s takes strength to speak out and yet that can change things. Thanks, Jonathan, for being a truth-teller.

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