The Third

I saw your story on Instagram today
As I hopped on a train to head back to where I stay
You were happy, but I was sad because it meant that you are going away
Making me want do whatever I could so that you can stay

I’ve recently been cured of an infatuation with Asians
But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t occasions
That deserve rhyming explanations
Written in lieu of late night heart-to-heart conversations

From a room away I cried
Hearing you sing with your ukulele
A song that reminded me of my long lost fire girl baby
Because love lost has lingered in my mind lately

You’ll never know how special you are
Like the fire of a rocket painted in the flame of a shooting star
Says this weird old Steppenwolf watching you from afar
You have wondrous lights in your wide open futures
I know this because the sight of you is my wounds’ sutures

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