I’ll Never See You Again

I didn’t hand you my card
I stood and stared like a tongue-tied retard
So I sit here wondering if they’ll turn my soul to vapor
For daring on Shabbat to put pen to paper
After walking through moonless darkness to my horror house hell
A wandering solitary prophet suffering Elijah’s curse of Jezebel
It’s a new year
Will something new happen here?

Tall and blonde, curves lithe, eyes celestial
A resurrection of the memory of a girl electrochemical
A symbol of a calling to a far land magical
Light through the darkness of a nightmare diabolical

When tears turn torrential to fill the night sky with rains
My rainbow is the many-splendored crimson of the blood in your veins
I remind myself that Satan’s power is only temporary
So as not to devolve to delusion scary
To move past these spiritual pains

I walk through this jungle of Jungian synchronicity
In which everyone is out of sync with me
The universe screams that it’s my responsibility
To provide all harmonizing energy
As if those around me have no independent reality
Unless they’re women on a mission to kill me softly
So I stare into the distance, sulken, silently
At the Hebrew with the Greek name looking at me friendly
Life; Zoey
Rhymes with Chloe

You’ll be far away
As New Year’s dawn turns to day
I’ll never get the chance to say what I wanted to say
So I’ll blow the shofar and think of something to pray

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