Your Own Personal Genius

Who can resist the light of your emerald eyes
Or the thought of you flying through cerulean skies
And the savory wet scent of your silken inner thighs
That brings any man from his lowest lows to the heights of his highs

Commanding the energy of the beautiful and the young
You’re the pinnacle of captivation
You duchess of the Holy Nation
The enrapturing sonance of Hebrew dripping from your tongue

To you belongs every idea that passes through my mind
Or any noetic treasure that I may perchance find
You have that nymph’s beauty that drives a man blind
No one could ever say or do anything to you unkind

You said linguists were geniuses who made you uncomfortable
Then you gave a disappointed and downcast look
Who would dare disappoint such a princess delectable
Especially this genius who can’t balance a checkbook
To miss a chance
To see a second of your smiling glance
Would be a cruel curse eternal and unfathomable

I hope with these words I’ve won your comfort, of course
To earn as friend a warrior of Ariel’s defense force
I’ll tell you of a crazed knight with a roan for a horse
And how Captain America barely survived a divorce

Here you’ll find nothing to fear, nothing to envy
You’ll only find support from a guy like me
Who will only ever always speak to you sweetly
Considering your cares softly and discreetly
So please contemplate these words of trust and camaraderie
I tell you that when you see me
You can relax and be yourself freely
As this is what I’ve been telling myself repeatedly

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