CA: What is the difference betweebn these two symbols?

OG: The pentagram represents the power of man. A man is a collection of fives. The five points of the star represent man as a five. Five limbs, five digits, five senses, five entrances to the body. The inverted pentagram turns two points into horns. This turns the man into a goat. This corresponds to the horned god, and the two goats of the day of atonement, the sacrifice and the scapegoat. Also it connects to the horns representing kingship and earthly might. It’s a reference to aggressive will and human might. From the story of David and Goliath:

Then he took his staff in his hand and chose five smooth stones from the brook and put them in his shepherd’s pouch. His sling was in his hand, and he approached the Philistine.

1 Samuel 17:40

God is the rock. David the shepherd is the leader of the people of God. The stones are smoothed in water. This represents life experience of purity and adversity. The leader of the people of God is to have the divinity engendered through purity and adversity in every aspect of his being in order to defeat the colossal enemy.

CA: What do I need to know as a Satanist?

OG: First of all, Satan is real. His primary dogma is “I don’t exist.” He has three levels of followers. Level one followers do everything he wants without knowing they are following him or doing what he wants while insisting he doesn’t exist. Level two followers go so far as to follow him in every way, even saying hail Satan and being card carrying members of Satanist organizations and dress and act according to his lore and symbolism while saying it’s all just a joke, and he really doesn’t exist. Level three followers know he exists. There are two types of level three followers: the deluded and undeluded. The deluded have a skewed picture of him. They think he is good and God is evil, for example, or that they are actually going to win in the end. The undeluded simply recognize that he can give them what they want in this life, and they can serve him and get all kinds of pleasure in this life, but they know they will pay later. Remember, “Satan” is the Hebrew word שטן and means “Enemy.”

AF: That’s the theistic version of satanism. There is also atheistic satanism, which the Satanic Temple mostly follows.

OG: Yeah, those are the level two followers.

AF: How did you come up with this “level” philosophy? I’ve never seen or heard of it before.

OG: Personal experience. Read my book. I also blog about it.

AF: Also, atheistic satanists don’t “follow Satan.” They don’t believe Satan is real. They just follow good moral principles that help guide them through life.

OG: That’s what they think. It’s why they are only level 2.

D10: His primary dogma is “I exist inside you all.” How don’t you get this? Satan is the carnival side inside every one of us.

OG: Carnival?

D10: Yes. We are all animals, and one point is that you need to remember that.

OG: I think you meant “carnal”?

D10: Oh, bloody hell, I missed that.

OG: Okay so yeah, Satan is essentially “the enemy” and one form of “the enemy” is what the Apostle Paul would call “the flesh” and the chassidic Kabbalah would call an unruly “animal soul” from the “evil inclination.” That is, material reality works against us via our actual physical bodies in many cases. And when Satanists enslave themselves to the enemy, the enemy will leave them alone in a lot of cases, and they will get respite from a lot of the pains of physical life. There is a reason Keith Richard’s is still doing okay after all those years of all those drugs. He stipulated “a long life” in his contract. But death comes to us all, and many don’t get the long life. Hence the 27 club.

D10: I think you may be overthinking things a bit it too much. Satan means “the adversary,” not “the enemy.” Shatan means “adversary.” That’s where the word Satan is widely believed to have come from. I’ve never heard of Satan being referred to as the Enemy, so maybe do a little more research before posting in a sub like this next time.

AF: I agree. This guy seems in over his head.

OG: Adversary and enemy are synonyms.

AK: Ok, I’m level 3 deluded, LOL. I mean, it’s mostly true until you start to spit Christian propaganda. But it’s ok, the Serpent wins in the end.

OG: I wasn’t spitting Christian propaganda. Check my comments. I am going from personal experience. The only academic fact that I mention is that Satan means enemy/adversary. It’s a Hebrew word. From the Hebrew Bible. Satan is common to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Though in Islam شيطان (shaytan) refers to a demon, but the demons have a king, a جن (jinn) named ابليس (Iblis) who is basically the same as שטן (Satan) in the Hebrew Bible of Judaism and Christianity. So no Christian propaganda here. As for the Serpent winning in the end, well, that’s not what has been prophesied.

DP: I was raised as a Muslim. I believe Satan is more powerful than God. What advice would you give me as a newbie Satanist?

OG: For now, today, he is. God just doesn’t want to fight today. But one day he will. That’s my testimony as of today. That’s what God has given me to tell you today. That’s all I have to say. If I were up there whispering into his ear, I think I would have something different for you. But I’m just down here with you today. And today we lose. We lose until God says we don’t lose anymore.

K7: Having seen a few of your comments here recently, I’m wondering what you’re hoping to gain here, OG? I also read your blog, which, while an interesting read (I particularly enjoyed the one on Darkseid/Thanos/Ego), appears to be in opposition to what most of us here believe. Are you looking to bring Satanists “back to God”?

OG: I came here to see what kind of reaction I would get to my posts about Satan. I have received more upvotes from you guys than I have from r/Christianity. And I can’t tell you about the Jewish subreddits. I’m banned from them all. You know, the founding of the state of Israel was a modern miracle. It was refounded by atheists. The religious Jews violently opposed it. Many still do. Muhammad spoke constantly about the importance of accepting the messenger. I have my own story about that. I’m here because you haven’t banned me yet. How long will I be here? No idea.

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