I’m going to catalog a bit of how the forces of darkness enact their program of getting me off the internet. This post is not meant to be read for entertainment. It’s just a public record of a pattern of harassment from diverse sources that are not connected to each other that react the same way to diverse circumstances showing an intelligent and concerted pattern is behind seemingly unconnected events. It’s more like working notes that I’m making public. Kinda like a WikiLeaks document dump meant to be sifted through by researchers rather than read as a polished piece of writing by the public.

This kind of post is not going to be a regular thing from me. It is my intention that this blog be an aesthetically pleasing and entertaining collection of passionate poetry, contemplative philosophical and theological essays, and provocative prose detailing to the best of my literary ability matters of fact and fiction. However, just recently I wrote a post cataloging my particular form of apophenia using the same method that I use below: exhaustively showing actual screen shots of conversations from social media. I will be doing that here, and I have one other post planned where I will be doing something similar, but I do expect to be drawing the line there. This won’t be a regular thing or a new style.

There are a couple of reasons for using this painful method of presenting exactly what I experienced. I want to have a body of posts that show someone just exactly how detailed I can be. This is in the event that I want to show someone that I can collect evidence as an investigative journalist, court investigator, etc. But also, there is an issue concerning censorship in the public consciousness. For years now conservatives have claimed that they were being silenced at whim by liberal employees of social media companies and media outlets. Recently Elon Musk banned a variety of liberals from Twitter pretty much just because he wanted to, without even making pretense of objectivity, and the liberals’ complaints sounded exactly like the complaints of the conservatives who had been feeling harassed with censorship for years. With this post I would like to put my voice in that pot and explain a bit of my history with whimsical harrassment in the form of censorship.

But then finally, I mentioned a number of posts back that demons do horrible things to people when they think nobody is watching, and my goal was going to be to make sure people watch them operate so they can spot the demons at work.

So with that, I am going to use this post to catalog with painstaking detail how the forces of darkness are trying to silence me via violations of logic, circumvention of justice, and inconsistent application of principles. I won’t make this a habit, but when they continue to do this sort of thing, I will just add the events to this post.

Event One: Temporarily Banned from the Religion Subreddit of the Reddit Social Media Platform for Proselytizing and Demonizing

1) A comment is removed for proselytizing.

Before showing you the comment of mine that got banned, I want to show a couple of the comments from the guy that I was talking to that show not only his attitude toward me, but that he calls himself a demon and a satanist in the conversation.

With the above clarified about my conversation partner, I will now show you the comment of mine that got banned for proselytizing below.

This is what the forum moderators call proselytizing.

So their definition of proselytizing is a) asking someone to join my faith or church. Did I do that? Nope. b) asking someone to proselytize their faith to me. Did I do that? Nope. c) comments asking someone to leave a religion. Did I do that? Nope.

So after providing the definition of proselytizing in their removal message, they now tell me that just aggressively asserting what you’re saying is true is added to the definition.

2) a comment is removed for demonizing. This is very interesting because I actually do believe in demons, that is demonic forces, tendencies, and patterns of behavior as well as actual personal spiritual beings, and I believe these forces and spirits actually affect people according to organized patterns, and in my discussions with people I will occasionally actually talk to them as if they are demons, or people possessed by such. So getting a comment banned for demonization piqued my interest, as demonizing is a serious aspect of my religious beliefs. Not only that, but don’t forget that the guy that I am responding to in this conversation actually calls himself a demon and a satanist. So you’d think maybe referring to a guy who calls himself a demon and a satanist might actually warrant responses that call him a demon and a satanist.

Don’t forget, I am a guy who occasionally does call people demons and satanists because of my particular world view and the place I see evil spirits having on the human condition. Further, I’ve been talking with this guy who calls himself a demon and a satanist in a conversation with me. I bet you’re thinking these guys unfairly removed a comment because I demonized someone who actually refers to themselves as a demon, right? Nope! Above we see that the definition of demonizing is basically anything. Anything a moderator thinks isn’t a fair criticism. Anything any mod interprets as being made in bad faith. Any comment deemed ignorant. I’m serious. This is demonizing. So let me show you the comment. This will be funny.

Yeah, just making the accurate comment that modern day Druids are based on the caricature of Druids created for the Dungeons and Dragons game by Gary Gygax is considered demonizing. I, the master demonizer, who demonizes as a very serious and objective facet of my sincere religious faith, who called members of the Israeli Border Control Organization sock puppets for Satan with absolute dogmatic seriousness, get a comment removed for demonizing because it was kinda derogatory. Interesting, eh?

3) another comment is removed for demonizing. I was involved in a thread about politics and made the statement that the conservative propaganda narrative was superior to the liberal one because no one wanted men who think they are women going into women’s restrooms or taking gold medals from women’s sports. A commenter responded to me that trans women were women and begged me to leave Reddit. I will post his comment below so that you can view his tone:

So now below is my comment in response that was removed for ‘demonizing’:

Again, is it demonizing? Well, I refer to demons in the comment. But that doesn’t really matter, as demonizing is by their definition anything that any of them don’t like. My tone wasn’t any more aggressive toward my conversation partner than my conversation partner’s tone was against me.

So then, these three comments of mine were removed from the religion subreddit within a matter of minutes of each other, and no sensible explanation was given as tyo why, and then without any personal interaction with anyone I was banned from the religion subreddit for two weeks.

And then finally, after being banned, I received the response to my questions about proselytizing above, that I was proselytizing because I was acting if what I was saying was true.

Further, the guy who called himself a demon and a satanist and raged against God, with quite a confident attitude that what he was saying was true, I might add, was not banned for proselytizing or demonizing as far as I can tell. It’s only me the moderators have a problem with. It’s only me that the forces of darkness need to get off of the internet.

Event Two: Banned from the SnyderCut Subreddit with no Explanation and for no Identifiable Reason

The interesting thing here is that I had never been anything but a fervent supporter of Zack Snyder, the director whose movies are the subject of that subreddit, and the movies he directs. I had never had a comment removed for any reason or been warned about anything or received any temporary bans before. However, I had been mixing theology and philsosophy and religious references into my posts there. I have the sense that my interest in that director and his movies was gaining the potential to be a vehicle for my spiritual messages, so the forces of darkness just had to lock me out. Again, Satan and his little goblins have decided I just have to be removed from the internet.

Event Three: Permanently Banned from the ExJews Subreddit after One Post

So, common identity is a factor in their thinking. If I were an ex-Jew, I’d be able to say anything, or if I were anybody else with a good history with them, I could say anything. But here we’re have the typical pattern of no love for the stranger.

Truly, though, it’s just a part of the plan to keep anyone who knows anything about God away from Jews.

Event Four: Permanently Banned from the ReformJudaism Subreddit

Unlike the Exjew subreddit, I have actually posted some in the ReformJew subreddit, and commented quite frequently there. I never had any prior contact or difficulty with any moderator there. Like with the Exjew group, I was not temporarily banned, and I was given no warning. Just a permanent ban.

I think I have an idea what conversation got me banned. The original post was about a transsexual being banned from praying somewhere. Someone claimed Judaism had no problem with transsexualism.

I pointed out some Torah verses with some commentary to show that at least some forms of Judaism do have difficulty with transsexualism.

Then as shown below, someone else jumped in with some Talmudic references and an intention to reinterpret the Torah position on the subject.

And finally, a dialog ensued.

Now with the above catalogued, I’ll say I don’t see where I have harassed trans people. I will say that over time I have come to understand that the forces of darkness have an agenda to make the only identifiable feature of Reform Judaism that which opposes Israel and the Torah. The moderators of this online Jewish community are among those forces. And since my positions are irrefutable, I must be suppressed. The ReformJudaism subreddit was the last Jewish subreddit that I wasn’t banned from. So the Reddit will now be about bicycles, superheroes, and general religious and philosophical discussion for me. The evidence is absolutely clear, however, that the evil ones are very afraid of me. They can’t get along with me, nor can they refute me, so they must suppress me and get rid of me if they are going to be successful in their agenda to destroy humanity, and especially Israel.

Event Five: Permanently Banned from the Religion subreddit

Well, folks, it was going to happen sooner or later. That Reddit community, like basically all Reddit communities, does not like people who tell the truth.

Event Six: Comments Removed from the Christianity Subreddit that Contain only Bible Verses

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