Reddit would not allow an upvote.

Posts to Reddit aren’t readable by others.

My gym charged me twice in the same month.

After charging me for a service I never received, Expedia’s “virtual agent” refuses to acknowledge my existence.

So, do I have Vero followers, or not?

This is a screenshot of my “My AT&T” app. Do It tells me I have one thing in my shopping cart, so I tap my shopping cart, and there is nothing in my shopping cart.

Below I see that I have received a request to connect on Vero from the “Nerd Queens,” a pair of superfans linked to Zack Snyder, a film director who I am trying to write for.

But when I go to try to accept the request, it just says “pending” and there is no way to accept.

Okay, so I come back a few minutes later, and I have not received a request, but I have sent one. This makes more sense.

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