The Uncertainty Principle

I can see how scared you are
Muttering under your breath
Wishing upon a star
Doing anything you can to waylay your thousand-year death
Devising whatever tormet you can pull from afar.

You can’t destroy me all my life with women
And later expect me to be tempted by them
You send your jezebels again and again and again
As if I’ll be swayed by any hiked skirt hem
Do you know how to be creative, then?

Every dog has his day
It can’t be said any other way
And on my day, you won’t know what I’ll do or say
But the dogs will love it and scream hurray
As I preach the day you’ll go away

Whether or not I’ll find a worldly stage or earthly fame
The day will come when you’ll say my name
You won’t be thinking of cracking a beer or grabbing the ass of a gorgeous dame
Because that day, nothing will ever again be the same

So drag me down all you want
Piss on me again and again
Subject me to every temptation and every taunt
I’m just learning patience in anticipation of my big win
On my heyday you’ll see my victory flaunt

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