The bleeding knight
The uphill battle
No weapon to take to the fight
Not even a baby’s rattle
Walking down a road with no light
Wondering how to get back in the saddle

The journey is long
No sign from the roan
Feet no longer strong
Desperate for bread but dining on stone
Whistling a dirge for a song
Walking aimless and alone

Eyes looking above
Seeking in the clouds for a trace of love
When push came to shove
There was no sign of a dove

What is your game?
What is your angle?
I’m blind, deaf, and lame
What sign can you dangle?
It’s always the same
Silence from the angel

Night and day I pray
But I don’t hear what you say
What should I expect from the next day?
Where should I go, with whom should I stay?
Can we please do this another way?

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