Yet Another Bonnie Situation

Don’t be afraid, little one
Fear is the conjugal bed of hatred
I see your power, brilliance, and beauty
There is no need for insecurity
Don’t close the door before the honey has been spun
It’s just a man wandering, crying, crazy, and naked
This shouldn’t be cause for worry
Look for serendipity

You’ve never seen a man with brains hanging from his hair before?
This scene wasn’t told to you by the Hebrew sages of yore?
Does this invoke an urge to deplore?
Because you don’t know what’s in store?

Things are happening outside of your sphere
You’ve walked into the movie in media res
Things you’ve never seen over there or over here
Someone saying things nobody else says
You can laugh, you can rage, you can let fall a tear
While bloodied he crawls north through the sands from Ciudad Juárez
Many a lone traveler has been slain by judgment and fear
Unable to find a sliver of hope in his ocean of dreads

The wolf has said her peace
Now only to go forward
Blind and cold, he feels the way ahead
By tracing the cracks in the pavement
The roadmap a spiderweb cicatriz
Barely able to lift his head upward
He’d rather suck on a ball of copper-coated lead
To salve the ubiquitous taste of bereavement

Nine minutes and thirty-seven seconds later
A text was sent and blocked
Someone was mad about being replaced
That was her reaction to something he had said earlier that day
So she wasn’t going to be his savior
The key thrown away, the door locked
Left only with memories of two years disgraced
He just keeps walking, wondering what the hell Bonnie is going to say

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