A Sign Given, a Love Unending

Any time you want, I can be your facebook friend
Nothing will ever stop me
From standing by your side until the bitter end
I’ll click my heels and come home like Dorothy

I can always be your uncle unrelated to your father or your mother
But you’ll have to catch me when I’m single
If you want me to be your bizarre intergenerational lover
My roan is antsy, and my spurs are going jingle jangle jingle

It could be just a few months until I head back your way
I’d still have to avoid your city unless otherwise you say
In two years I’ve heard only silence no matter how I buck and bray
So you can’t determine who I kiss or with whom I stay
I’ll do what I need to now, and you can do what you do some other day

I’m going to go get some things done
Make progress with my days under the sun
Fly around the globe a couple more times before my race is run
I’d rather get hit by an asteroid than sit looking into the barrel of a gun

This isn’t a goodbye, but things have changed
So I’ve had to take stock of the meaning of this leg of the journey
You can learn a lot from looking at your life as a man deranged
And I can finally sit up and get off of my Dutch ambulance’s gurney

Your silence spoke loudly of a gruesome story
Lack of friendship makes for a picture painted gory
All I can do is make what I can out of what I’ve seen of your glory
I can’t help it if my impression isn’t hunky dory
I did everything I could
I chewed through steel, I knocked on wood
I wrote a novel to make myself understood
I would love you any way I could

I wrote an essay to describe what I made from the sign
That I’d asked God to give me by power divine
If you’d never befriend me for me to be yours or you to be mine
In a way it felt like eating razors and drinking turpentine
But God wanted me to expose a toxic church serpentine

It doesn’t have to be the end
But you have the ball
Even if I am married, I can still be your friend
But what’s the point of me bouncing a ball against a brick wall
And walking around with a broom up my back end
Straight-jacketing my mind, waiting to take your call

I have to take my place as a seer and as a man
Chaz tried to sell me like a whore
Threw my manhood on the floor
Your father slammed me like a door
So I go to a harem of two princesses who get turned on by who I am

Of course with that last line I had to mix the sensual
With things most people would consider familial
So that the blind people will think I am diabolical
And the churchmen will call me heretical
But the world’s poets and lovers will say I’m magical
And the angels will sing of the advent of someone fantastical

This is not a goodbye
Someday in heaven or on earth I will look you in the eye
It’s not the end of love
You don’t have to be a raven; you can always be a dove

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