The Dark Angel

I am a man who lives between every line
You must understand this for me to be yours and you to be mine
I talk with demons every day while I shine my light divine
I wear tassels around my waist while I partake of bread and wine
I find beauty in an ancient book as well as a woman’s passion sublime

I found you in a place where they say I shouldn’t be
Exploring limits and resolving conflicts deep within me
Killing boredom and amusing frustration in another home temporarily
And there you were, a burning bush and a Christmas tree
Offering a holy mountain of gifts given merrily

It’s outside the lines where we find true love
That olive branch of peace brought to us not by a raven, but by a dove
Where fiery desire becomes steel devotion when push comes to shove
You dark-haired wild child, you might just fit me like a glove

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