The Dark Angel

I am a man who lives between every line
You must understand this for me to be yours and you to be mine
I talk with demons every day while I shine my light divine
I wear tassels around my waist while I partake of bread and wine
I find beauty in an ancient book as well as a woman’s passion sublime

I found you in a place where they say I shouldn’t be
Exploring limits and resolving conflicts deep within me
Killing boredom and amusing frustration in another home temporarily
And there you were, a burning bush and a Christmas tree
Offering a holy mountain of gifts given merrily

It’s outside the lines where we find true love
That olive branch of peace brought to us not by a raven, but by a dove
Where fiery desire becomes steel devotion when push comes to shove
You dark-haired wild child, you might just fit me like a glove


  1. You’ve acquired an aesthetic thing with this one. Imagery, theme and your typical conflict between mystical and mundane language.

    1. I am not going to explain any of the metaphors in this one. I think this one is best left to the imagination. It gives the reader some info about me and my thoughts on some things regardless of the situation that inspired it. However, I did have your comment about “mystical and mundane language” in mind when I reread it later to see if it needed any edits. The term “holy mountain” from the poem stuck out at me. It is a reference to Sinai, of course. Now what is interesting here is that one of the very first songs I ever put up to or about Noah van Ouwerkerk was “Holy Mountain” from Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. I think it is referenced in chapter seven of my book even. What just hit me is that I had no earthly idea when I put that song on a playlist that a year later I finished that book without ever hearing from Noah, and concluded that the meaning of the whole thing was that she is the incarnation of Israel, that the whole thing represented a calling to Israel. The song itself is a romance song, about a guy who kinda can’t believe he has charmed a woman and is excited about it. There is no reason for that song to be entitled “Holy Mountain.” Seriously, the song I put on a playlist back in 2019 before I did any drugs that I had hoped was being listened to by Noah, about a guy who has charmed this girl, was literally called “Sinai.”

      I had no idea about the “coincidence” there until just now.

      These are the things that I am thinking about as I am coming to accept that Israel is never going to open to tourists, so I am going to have to come up with a plan to convert abroad, a process that can take years, given that quick conversions are usually considered suspect by the Israeli government. My other option is to get married to an Israeli. Religious Jews use these people called matchmakers with their scheduled meetings and all that stuff. I could potentially be married to an Israeli Jew in a month or two.

      So I am kind of opening up to the idea of talking to chicks. But, my beloved Mayra, a really great woman who I really care about, kind of became a sort of Hagar for me. Someone I ran across during a lapse of faith, wonderful, but who ultimately didn’t fit in with my personal destiny, and who I separated from under phenomenally painful circumstances. Trust me, Abraham was not happy about dropping Hagar off in the desert.

      So I don’t want another Hagar, but there is temptation to get involved with a woman for practical purposes, though if I did, I’d give my heart to it. Like, back in the days of arranged marriages, when your dad dropped your wife in your lap who you never met, what did you do? You loved her. That’s what you did. Then on top of that, I have this thing about Noah that God just won’t let me get rid of. I’ve had a blogpost about the nature of the neurosis in the works for a long time. May never publish it.

      Anyway, I originally wasn’t going to comment or respond to comments about this one. This is probably the longest comment I have written about anything. Man I wish that chick would help me figure out what is real. So I could focus and get things done if anything else.

      So anyway, yeah, “mystical and mundane language.” Thanks for pointing that out.

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