Strofen, Scènes en een Lied

You don’t have to be a runway model
To be most beautiful of them all
You don’t have to have the IQ of a genius
To be a genius regardless

I need someone to teach me Hebrew
After two years, I’m sure the irony of that strikes you
If that teacher would be you, I’d be overcome by elation
But if it can’t be you, I need your help with a recommendation

I’m stuck in between worlds, mentally, spiritually, and geographically
You have no idea what a little input from you would do for me
With a little time and a modicum of thought
You could untie my Gordian knot

I’m surrounded by ladies with eyes of black and skin of blue
They’re wonderful, and I bet they’d love me true
Some of them even know Hebrew
But all I can do is think of you
None of them have the power that you do

I’m hanging here sopping wet and upside down
Nobody can tell the difference between my smile and my frown
Only you can take the mask off and see who I am deep down
Your hero – no internet clown

The men around you are stuck in trenches
Whining and complaining of life’s stenches
Nobody knows the meaning of me being yours and you being mine
But you can break through the line
You be you, and the boys will fall in behind
You’re my beacon of strength and of hope
Climbing the ladder with Hippolyta’s rope
You’re good with your sword, but you’re better with your shield
Which is not unlike the one Captain America would wield

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